On Missing Learning from Others

Good news is that I have been involved with a full-time project since October. Bad news is that it has taken me away from reader my favorite blogs and discovering others. Besides, these are also people who reciprocate comments. A tip of the cap to those I miss.

I miss reading Beeze as he just gets to the point, and makes me laugh.

I miss reading Brad mixes sports, life, and humor with a few rants.

I miss reading Canton Crazy Cuts as he does unbelievable research about past football stars who are deserving for the Hall of Fame.

I miss reading Chris because it’s baseball season and he is a fellow Reds fan.

I miss reading Dave as he really knows how to generate traffic and loves his blog wrestling entertainment.

I miss reading Joe whose photographs about nature, structures from our past, and people are always special … and he loves a good general store.

I miss reading Larry and his mix of predictions, spoofs, and reality.

I miss reading Ryan who gives great sports updates – especially regarding fantasy sports.

I miss reading Luke who shares his passion about biblical archeology.

I miss reading Maxi as I miss her genuine and positive stories about daily life.

I miss reading Mo because he does not post as often, and he has a way of intertwining life and wit.

I miss reading Rad who integrates his young daughter into sports.

I miss reading 3rd Stone who is unbelievably thorough in his research about sports.

I miss reading Tim as he always stimulates my mind and challenges all of us.

I miss reading my favorite columnist as Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, David Broder, David Avalon, and George Will.

I miss the unknown because I haven’t had a chance to discover them as I like to learn.