On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 61

On the Gulf Oil Spill
Although the Drill Baby Drill chant is still resonating in my head, let us not forget that human technology is prone to error. Each time I think of lowering the dome, I picture the bar game of trying to land a coin in a submerged shot glass.

On the Vatican and Abuse
As sexual abuse scandals continue to plague the Roman Catholic Church, now is the time for the best chance that Pope Benedict XVI has to deliver a much-needed maya copa and set a much-needed new direction for the church on this issue. To me, he just can’t seem to set up to the plate.

On Senate Math
We Cincinnatians are “lucky” to receive media blitz for politics in three states. With the approaching primary, GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has an ad endorsing a candidate to “help stop the Obama agenda.” Since this primary is for a position held by a retiring, conservative Republican, how can replacing one person with an ideological clone change the votes? Does the new person get two votes instead of one? Bottom line – Senator McConnell is a party-first senator – and is one of many examples of what is wrong in Washington.

On the Supreme Court Nominee
I am confident that numerous Republicans will say that court-nominee Kagan is not qualified. So to that group, the one who loves to thump their chest as standing up for the Constitution, I ask this question – What are the qualifications?

On a Weekend Civil Rights Event
For the second consecutive year, the Cincinnati Reds are hosting MLB Civil Rights Weekend. The passing of singing legend Lena Horne earlier this week is a big loss – besides, she was planning to attend. Here’s the story about the weekend.

On the Cincinnati Reds
My Reds have been playing well of late as both pitching and hitting are improving. The starting pitching’s last two starts (Cueto and Bailey) were unreal: 2 wins, 2 complete games, 2 shutouts, 0 walks, less than 193 pitches, 57 batters faced.

On Purging the Office
I have been going through many of my files and materials from aspects of my past or the sake of purging things I no longer need, it is interesting to come across notes and reflections that I wrote in the past. Who knows – maybe they will work their way to this site.

On a Classic Angle
Since many people love to complain about media bias, I wrote this post about the topic this past January – and it is still timely and will likely remain timeless.