On Jonny Quest

Things to Know about Jonny Quest

  • Real name: The Adventures of Jonny Quest
  • Hanna-Barbera’s first full-episode action/adventure cartoon
  • First aired September 18, 1964 (Mystery of the Lizard Men); ran for 2 seasons, 26 episodes – then reruns moved to Saturday morning in 1967.
  • ABC cancelled the show not due to rating, but for being over budget
  • Parent watchdog groups felt the show was too violent
  • Based on comic book hero Jack Armstrong
  • Quests live on Palm Island in the Florida Keys
  • Jonny’s real name is Jonathon
  • Dr. Benton Quest (father) is one of the top three scientists in the world
  • Roger “Race Bannon”, government agent from Intelligence One
  • Hadji (not in the first show), an orphan from Calcutta who saved Dr. Quest’s life, thus adopted by Dr. Quest
  • Bandit, Jonny’s dog who didn’t speak, but could understand
  • Jonny’s mother had died, but the series never explained how
  • Other Character Appearing in more than one episode: Dr. Zin (international bad guy); Jade (one to help for a price); Mr. Corvin (Race’s boss at Intelligence One)

Here ‘s a Jonny Quest site

5 thoughts on “On Jonny Quest

    • CCC,
      Richie Rich comics were from the 50s, although he didn’t appear on TV until the 80s – 15+ years after Jonny Quest, which was very much an adventure show.
      Thanks for visiting.


  1. Doug Wildey, who was largely responsible for creating and designing Jonny Quest, later returned to Hanna-Barbera as producer/designer of their adaptation of Godzilla and creator/producer of “Jana of the Jungle,” an excellent ‘jungle-girl’ adventure series that originally ran along with it.


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