Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 62

On Sarah Palin
I’m happy she out there on the speaking trail because the more she talks, the more independents shake their head and turn away.

On Tea Party Primary Influence
The Tea Party faction had a good day in Kentucky – and to see Kentuckians go ahead Senator McConnell’s endorsement made me smile.

On Something Neither Party Really Gets
The 2008 election encountered a voting public that was unhappy with incumbents. As the Democratic Congress has spent the year and a half cramming legislation down our throat, they didn’t realize the anti-incumbent sentiment. I not convinced the Republicans understand it either.

On the Cincinnati Sports Shorts
Although the Reds just stumbled in Atlanta, their current roll has been due to timely hitting, good pitching, good defense, and good base running. For instance, the Reds are near the top of advancing from first to third – something Dunn and Junior could not regularly do.

On the Bengals front, Adam Pac-Man Jones is saying the right things. Although I was against the signing, time will tell. Interestingly, in the end many praised Mike Brown for giving Chris Henry a chance – and many of the same are saying the opposite about Jones.

Last Sunday’s Cincinnati Enquirer had a great article about UC’s dilemma with Nippert Stadium. Believe me, it is a great, classic venue. Click here for the article.

On the Weekend
Stop by this weekend for another post about a cartoon character from the past. Have a safe weekend. Here’s a song for to enjoy.