On the All-Time Erics

Many ladies swooned as Eric Estrada rode his motorcycle on Chips, but did Eric the Red cause Viking women to buckle at the knees?

As Eric Clapton is a music legend, do you ever think about Eric Carmen of the Raspberries singing Go All the Way?

Some may remember newsman Eric Sevareid, but he never reported on Attorney General Eric Holder.

A long-time friend’s oldest son is Eric – one who routinely thumps his dad in fantasy football – much as I do in fantasy baseball. Another long-time friend, Eric from my high school days, and I always talk about getting together to play golf – which we can never get-er done.

This post is about Eric everywhere, including those who haven’t tasted Eric’s Famous Energy Cola, the balance of speed and pep that could be troublesome.

Although the pool of players was a bit thin, this team has an interesting mix of speed and power to join the clubs in administering a few more knots on the heads of the All-Time Randys – but Randy will appreciate Eric’s Famous Microbrewed Root Beer Energy Cola to soothe his wounds.

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Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Erics.

1B – Eric Karros
2B – Eric Yelding
SS – Eric Soderholm
3B – Eric Hinske (ROY)
C – Eric Wedge
OF – Eric Davis (AS)
OF – Eric Young (AS)
OF – Eric Anthony
DH – Eric Chavez

SP – Eric Hanson (AS)
SP – Eric Ericson
SP – Eric Milton (AS)
SP – Eric Beddard
SP – Eric Show
RP – Eric Gagne (AS)
RP – Eric Plunk
RP – Eric King

Mgr – Eric Wedge