On Memorial Day 2010

I’m old enough to remember some referring to this day as Decoration Day.  I recall the annual parade in my small hometown, the firemen barbecuing chicken, and the boats going to the river for the first big weekend of summer. I can also remember the trips to the cemetery as the American Legion members held a public service to honor soldiers.

Interestingly, we first observed Decoration Day in 1868, but it didn’t become a national holiday until 1971 as it was driven by the states.

Today, in our time of political hostility, I wonder how many people take the time to reflect upon the past – the lives that were lost due to country pride – not hostility within. I hope that today everyone takes a minute or two out of their fun day to reflect about the sacrifices given by so many.

Meanwhile, here’s a tribute to our armed forces- past and present. Have a safe weekend and positive week ahead.

6 thoughts on “On Memorial Day 2010

  1. Hey Frank,

    It has been a while since I’ve commented here. Work has been a bear.

    Well said, and this should be a day about reflecting on those that gave their lives and make us proud of our country.

    Happy Memorial buddy!


  2. Frank,

    Thanks for the uplifting salute to our country’s Armed Services. The singing by the men’s chorus was excellent and I especially liked the choreography.



    • Tim,
      Glad you enjoyed the Men’s Chorus … which I picked over an Eric Kunzel-led orchestral version. Thanks for commenting.


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