On 0 for June

Zero for June isn’t a stat that I’m proud of, but that was the result of my postings in June. As a person who enjoys doing this, that’s pathetic.

The reasons is simple; I’m not bored, and it’s not that there isn’t enough to write about – it’s simply that I’m been too busy. Work has been taking up a big chunk of time since October, but an April decision is what but me over the top – that’s when we decided to put our home and the market and seek to re-size our home needs.

Preparing the home is always an important task, and more than one expects. Then comes keeping it show ready for whenever that unexpected showing occurs. Besides, all the time we’re spent on Web sites previewing homes, going to open houses, talking to builders, and whatever else we’ve done in trying to determine our next step.

On top of that, I had a couple of other things come across my plate that served to compound my time issue.

I hope that July will bring more posts as I not only miss my readers; I miss those that I like to read. Have a safe holiday weekend.

6 thoughts on “On 0 for June

    • Beeze,
      June simply was too much on me … but more importantly, in the grand scheme of life, all is well. As far as the house sale goes, all we can ask for (in this market) is patience. When I tell people we’ve had 6 showings in the first 5 weeks, they are impressed – so at least we are ahead of the curve at this time. Only time will tell.

      Hope all is well! Thanks for the kind words.


  1. Frank, there must be a karma connection between Ohio and LA (lower-Arkansas). While tooling down the road on a Grist-hunt this afternoon, I said to myself, ” … self, your friend in Cincinnati has been uncharacteristically and conspicuously absent from the net as of late, you should make an inquiry.” And I resolved to make that inquiry once I was back in front of a computer.

    Lo and behold, when I got home and checked my email there were a couple of Frank Angle notices, neither of which were obituaries. Boy was I relieved.

    Welcome back Kotter … ah, er Frank,


    • Joe,
      Many thanks for the concerns and well wishes. One of the interesting things about blogging is that when one doesn’t post, readers think through many what-ifs – and I touched by that thought. Best wishes to you and thanks for thinking of me.


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