On Oil Slick Shorts

Since I have been away for some time, many things have happened – and the BP oil spill is one of them. Below are some random thoughts.

I have visited the Alabama-Florida panhandle coast many times – so I internalize many of the scenes from there. If it hits me this hard, I cannot imagine what the residents are going through.

I love the double speak of many Republicans. On one hand, they love to campaign about “needing less government”, then complain about President Obama’s lack of action. So hey GOP – please consider making up your mind.

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) did a great job of demonstrating how politicians work. After apologizing to Tony Hayward for the shakedown by the White House, he experienced a shakedown from his own party leaders. Now that’s classic.

Although I am skeptical about the drilling moratorium, let’s hear it for House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) for complaining about the shallow-water moratorium that doesn’t exist. Too little time in the sun lately Mr. Boehner?

Three cheers for the Congressional committee members and their grandstanding when interviewing the BP exec. After all, Mr. Hayward took a page right out of what members of Congress have perfected – to the best you can to avoid answering the question. Hey committee members, now you know how voters feel when we listen to your verbal crap.

The entire Federal response, from President Obama on down, has been too slow. Take your pick – between slow decisions and bureaucratic red tape – it has been simply pathetic. Moreover, how many days did the world’s largest skimmer sit while waiting for approval to do its thing?

I actually heard this comment on a talk show (and I paraphrase): The current oil spill will go down in history as insignificant when we realize how much oil has been successful pumped from the gulf. I think this Buggs Bunny quote says it all – What a maroon!

I don’t expect the Federal government to stop the leak – that’s the oil industry’s responsibility, thus BP is not alone – but BP has the brunt of the responsibility. However, I expect the government to protect the shores. Then again, they have a many-year history to failing at the borders.

Comment with respect.

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