On the All-Time Only Guys II

In the past, I have honoring teams of the same name. Being MLB All-Star Game week, I dedicate this post to the players who played and they were the only one with that name. Since there was enough to fill two teams, I decided to split the alphabet, but that is the easy part!

Wilver went by Willie, and Sanford is a Sandy. Then Lawrence went by Yogi instead of Larry. Several players have gone by Prince, but is there a true Prince?

As I stated in the previous post, since it’s my post, I have to make some decisions. Besides, given that certain letters of the alphabet decrease the selection pool.

Since there are so many names, I created two teams by alphabetical first names. The L-Z team will be competitive in the all-time league, but it would not be favored for the championship. After all, the A-K counterpart is loaded.

By the way, for the other all-time teams, see Categories in the Sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams, or simply click here.

Since baseball history provides so many players being the only player with that name, I divided the team alphabetically. Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field – the All-Time Only Guys L-Z.

1B – Wilbert Robinson (HOF)
2B – Quilvio Veras
SS – Zolio Versailes (AS)
3B – Nomar Garciaparra (AS)
C – Yogi Berra (HOF)
OF – Tris Speaker (HOF)
OF – Vada Pinson (AS)
OF – Trot Nixon
DH – Prince Fielder (AS)

P – Mordecai Brown (HOF)
P – Sanford Koufax (HOF)
P – Waite Hoyt (HOF)
P – Orel Hershiser (AS)
P – Vida Blue (AS)
P – Zane Smith
P – Mosato Yoshi
P – Yorkis Perez

Mgr – Miller Huggins

2 thoughts on “On the All-Time Only Guys II

  1. I remember Quilvio Veras back when he played for the Padres in the late 90’s. It’s kind of hard for me to believe that he’s the best “only guy” 2nd baseman, but it’s nice to see a Padre get some recognition – beggars can’t be choosers!


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