On Truckin on the Highway

I don’t like passing trucks when it’s raining because they put off too much spray – but that’s not the trucker’s fault.

I know that more road damage is due to trucks (than cars), which increases road maintenance costs – but that’s not the trucker’s fault.

I know it’s more economical for shipping to occur by rail than by truck, but that’s not the trucker’s fault.

I don’t like driving behind trucks because they block my down-the-road vision – but that’s not the trucker’s fault.

I don’t like driving behind trucks whose driver decides to control the flow of traffic – and that IS the trucker’s fault! These pompous clowns must think just because they have a big vehicle, with a better view since they are high, and maybe even the advance reports received through CB communications – so must know what is best for everyone.

Traffic was slow last Friday on I-75 – slower than normal – and yes, I was behind a truck. Since my exit was about a mile ahead and the right lane was moving a little faster, I moved into the right lane – and lo and behold discovered part of the issue!

There was a significant gap between the truck and the next vehicle ahead, thus being behind it, I didn’t know. Then, slightly ahead was another trucker who was doing the same thing! Who and the heck appointed them governors of the highway?

This event reminded me of something that happened a few years ago. I was on my way to the airport, then traffic came to a crawl. Seems that two truckers (one in each lane) were controlling the pace and flow of traffic because a construction project a few miles ahead.

Once I noticed that, I got in the median and passed the truck … and then another truck same from the right lane moved left to block me! But I just kept moving, thus passed that one too! To top it all off, I had no problem at the bridge construction. So these clowns were controlling traffic the way they saw best for everyone – which simply wasn’t right.

What a bunch of nonsense! Concentrate on safely driving your rig and stop making decisions for the rest of us. These few are damaging the reputation of the rest of the truckers. Then again, that seems to be the way live happens anytime the clueless take their spot in the population.

Let’s end with something light – such as 18 Wheels on a Big Rig by the fabulous Heywood Banks.


4 thoughts on “On Truckin on the Highway

  1. Frank, I know of what you speak. What they are doing may be illegal. If not, it is at least juvenile and annoying. Methinks just a few drivers do this while the balance are just like the rest of us peons trying to make a living and enjoy life … and are decent people.


    • Joe,
      Totally agree that these people are hard workers trying to make a living … and yes, a few giving the rest a bad name. Thanks for commenting.


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