On the Stupid Stick

Everyone has been hit by the stupid stick sometime during their life. Then again, others live their life by that assault label. Worse yet, they use genetics to pass it on to the next generation, This post is dedicated to some of the latest attacks by that uninviting weapon.

This past spring  my wife and I hit each other with the stupid stick. After all, nothing else would explain why two stable, common-sense people without a mortgage would decide to put their house for sale during a slow time for home sales.

How about the two immigration workers who stole the entry document from the Feds that Neil Armstrong signed, and then put it for sale online?

How about Phillies manager Charlie Manuel who admitted considering a pitcher for the All-Star game who had 6 career starts and a 2-2 record?

Speaking of the All-Star Game, how about Commissioner Selig continuing to support the fans deciding the players, and the fans not watching the game? This is easy to explain because at birth, instead of slapping baby Bud on the butt, the doctor whacked him with the stupid stick.

How about Illinois Governor Pat Quinn? While facing a huge budget deficit, he gives sizable raises to his staff while ordering unpaid leave to more than 2,000 state workers.

How about the Yale study that concluded cartoon characters attack kids to junk food? Who needed the study to know that? After all, that’s nothing new as  I remember Quick Draw McGraw pushing Sugar Smacks and Fred and Barney plugging Winstons.

How about members of Congress? Just take your pick. Heck, they probably sponsored the Yale study. I’m also having a hard time understanding why citizens have so many complaints about our elected civil servants. After all, they are the best money can buy. Maybe voting booths are equipped with stupid sticks.


5 thoughts on “On the Stupid Stick

  1. **** How about members of Congress? ****
    A number of them have been beaten senseless with the stupid stick. And a couple of ’em got whooped with an ugly stick too,


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