On a Monday Calling

With college football season is on our doorstep, I had to find a fitting video for Monday morning. Two fellow bloggers came to mind. Joe is a wonderful photographer with a weekly post, while Beeze writes about anything with an edge whenever he gets the urge while having a good eye for the ladies.

Somehow, in my mind, the start of college football season makes me think of these two gentlemen. Although Joe lives in Arkansas, I’m not sure if he’s a college football fan, but I imagine he knows the call of the Razorbacks. On the other hand, here’s Beeze’s predictions for the season – well, plus (in Beeze fashion), a lady too.

So in honor of Beeze and Joe, here’s a hog calling winner to start your week.


4 thoughts on “On a Monday Calling

  1. Frank, I am the consummate Hog fan, I believe there may be some Razorback markers in my DNA pattern. The Razorback Hog Call is wooooooo pig sooooie which can strike fear in the hearts of opposing teams. Go Hawgs!


    • Joe,
      Good to hear that you are ever one of the Razorback faithful. Plus, you’ve given me an idea for a future post. Long live Frank Broyles. Thanks for commenting.


    • Matt,
      Glad you enjoyed the post and the scheduling analysis No doubt – more BCS schools are opting for the easy way out. What a shame. Thanks for commenting.


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