On a Different Monday

Things happen in life causing us to change our daily routine. Sometimes these events are life altering, while other times they serve as a detour. Late Sunday morning my father passed away, so I won’t be posting this week as I attend to related family responsibilities.

Everyone handles death differently. As I write this on Sunday evening, my faith belief system gives me peace and trusting that heaven is a better place. I also believe he was ready. At 84, he outlived many of his friends, and is now with my mother (who passed away in 1987). Knowing my dad become comfortable in his faith during the past 23 years, I’m confident that he’s happier than ever.

Dad was very proud of his past. Born in St. Louis, he moved to Ohio at 16, yet remained to close contact with his St. Louis friends. He fought in WW II, and remained in contact with his military friends. He returned to the Army in 1950, and remained in contact with his fellow soldiers. I knew he has left us a large address book of people to contact. As a business owner in a small town, he knew many people – and upon retirement, he visited many in nursing homes and hospitals.

He has always been proud of our Italian heritage. His parents came to the U.S. from Italy in 1919. He even met my mother in Italy during his second military tour of duty. Our rural area had a pocket of Italians, and yes, he knew them all.

Although he couldn’t play for some time, Dad also loved his accordion. So, with this post, here’s to you Dad – for what you gave me – and for what you gave others.

18 thoughts on “On a Different Monday

    • Larry,
      Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I totally agree that it’s the memories that carry forward, thus should be the reason to serve as a positive push forward, rather than an anchor dragging you through life. I’ll return to blogging soon!


  1. Frank, prayers and thoughts from LA (lower Arkansas) are with you. Methinks from what you have said, that your father gave you where-with-all to deal with the inevitable. My father gave me the same. It that, we are fortunate men.

    God be with you and yours,


    • Joe,
      Many thanks for the thoughts and prayers. All went as well as one can expect. Being from a small town, everyone knows everyone … and wow … about 250 attended the visitation – thus we were touched. On initial glance, all seems that he did the right things with the estate, thus making it easier for us.

      Thanks again my friend, and I’ll be back in the blog saddle soon!


    • 3rd Stone,
      I appreciate your wishes very much. As far as I’m concerned, the events went well. Work lies ahead, but it will fall in place in time. I’ll return to blogging soon!


  2. Hello Frank and sorry to hear about your dad. As you’ve said, he’s in a better place now with your mom. It’s just sad that he can’t be with you for now physically but I know in your heart, your dear parents are always and will always in there.

    Have a great day and hope that everything will be just alright.


    • Maxi,
      It’s been a while since we’ve corresponded, so I want you to know that your words brought a smile. I’m not a drag-myself-down type, so I’m trying to put my best foot forward. Besides, I know that time is the best healer. Plus I totally agree that he’s in a better place now, besides being with my mother and other close friends.

      Thanks for the encouragement!


  3. Frank, I am so sorry I’m just finding this now. As it happens, today is my fathers’ birthday – he would have been 79 this year.

    It’s always a great personal loss to lose a parent. I miss my dad every day – as you may know 🙂 – but I also know that he did it his way. I hope that you know that of your father, and you can remember all that which he shared with you.

    Thank you for the video, and for sharing a little part of him with us.


    • Mo,
      Thanks for the kind words, especially on your dad’s birthday … which actually makes your comment more meaningful. Great point about our fathers doing it their way – which is what many of that generation did.

      Thanks for sharing and commenting.


  4. Frank

    Just read your blog today for the 1st time in a few weeks, so I didn’t see the news until today.

    I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I can honestly say I know where you’ve been. Even though I only saw him a few times, I know he was a warm, hospitable man who loved his family.

    The fact that he had a faith that sustained him until the end comforts us, as did my own father’s. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and Karen and rest of your family. God bless


    • Azcue,
      We appreciate you wishes, thoughts, and prayers … and thanks for taking the time to comment here.

      One thing for sure, every situation is different and each one of us handle these types of circumstances differently. Nonetheless, events still have commonalities.

      Blessings to you and your family … and thanks for being a long-time friend.


  5. Frank,

    So sorry not to have received your phone message. Karen, you and your entire family have our condolences and prayers.

    Randy & Nancy & Sons


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