On a Tea Party Mask

The Tea Party is an interesting mixture of folks. I am confident that many are very educated, so I am not going to call them stupid or ignorant. Many are good, everyday people who are understandably rejecting the cesspool of Washington politics. The latest Democratic control has put them over the edge enough that they are voicing their concerns.

The Tea Party has also attracted its share of from the fridge. Equivalent to the anarchists of the left, these people are the ones linking President Obama to Nazism, Fascism, Socialism, Communism, and what other negative –ism they can muster. “Birthers” also fit here. I try to ignore many of them just as I do the anarchists.

Listening to comments by Christine O’Donnell, Rahn Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle, and others gives me a glimpse of their social conservatism activism, something that the Tea Party does not include on their platform. Could social conservatives be using the Tea Party to push their agenda? Is the Tea Party being hijacked?

With religious fundamentals as one common theme (but not the only), and coupling it with various versions of fear mongering, is this group a coalition between a rejuvenated Moral Majority of Jerry Falwell with the reincarnated Red Scare of Senator Joe McCarthy?

11 thoughts on “On a Tea Party Mask

    • WriteChic,
      Campaign 2010 is crazy, which means 2012 could be off the charts. I can understand disagreement and general discontent, but I can’t figure out how the looneys can get so much support. On the other hand, we’re seeing the effect of the “third candidate” at work in several states – which, at least to me, helps isolate the loonies. Oh well … maybe sanity is about to join the abacus and the slide rule.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  1. Very good questions. The one that gets me, is people like O’Donnell, Angle, Palin et al, would not have been taken seriously in any way, shape or form a few years ago, but with Obama as President, it seems that the nuttier and more extreme your ideal – as long as it is from the right – the more qualified you will be to candidate for Senate etc.

    And what I am seeing as a counter, instead of the left carrying on with adult and grounded campaigning, many of them are changing their campaigns to try and engage this delusional right as if holding a gun, shooting at the targets of cap and trade etc, will somehow make them more likeable – it’s silly season – and if it wasn;t affecting the lives of millions, it may be laughable – but these people are serious and it’s scary.


    • Emma,
      Agree that craziness ramped up with President Obama. Personally, I think it started a bit earlier. 1) Conservatives didn’t care for John McCain, but 2) he then energized them by bringing forth Sarah Palin … and the rest is history. Nonetheless, this Moral Majority-Red Scare link is scary.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. Yes I agee – McCain brought in Palin and that opened a gateway – which is even more amazing seeing as she lost – McCain lost, yet instead of taking that and thinking why they started a whole new industry up of division and recruited all the people who were once on the fringe – very scary


    • Emma,
      As I chronicled on this blog, I was undecided at 2008 convention time actually leaning toward McCain. But it didn’t take long for me to declare “No to McCain” after he selected his VP … and things haven’t been the same since. Thanks for the reply.


  3. Methinks the far left hijacked the Democratic Party and the far right hijacked the Republican party laying the groundwork for a third party movement. We will discover how this plays out around 2300 hours or so November 2, year of our Lord, 2010.

    I have my hopes and opinions which I am keeping to myself.


  4. A very level headed analysis. It is interesting that people who are most vehemently far right or far left, don’t recoginize how psychologically similar they are. I have noticed that both tend to lack tolerance and essential compassion for human difference and neither are super likely to lend others a hand, although they will talk about the importance of doing so at great length. There are thoses who tend to talk, and those that tend to do……


    • Cindy,
      First of all, I love the fact that you dive into the archives here. Heck, I had to re-read the post to be able to comment.

      I recall this one. I wrote this in 4 years ago (2010), and to me, it still fits not only today, but what has happened during the time since its posting.

      I also with you regarding the similarities of each end of the spectrum. Sometimes I say that the extreme right is so far to the right that it is almost left.


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