On Reformation Sunday

Oddly enough, Reformation Day is just a few days before Election Day 2010. On the other hand, changes desired by many voters today is not even close to the changes brought forth by the Protestant Reformation leaders.

The reformation of the 1500s brought forth changes in political, economic, social, and artistic aspects of society. New Christian denominations formed. The Roman Catholic Church eventually changed. Through the historical lens, no wonder historians list the Protestant Reformation as one of the most impacting events in history.

Martin Luther wanted to reform the Roman Catholic Church – not leave it – yet his theology is the foundation of Lutheranism. However, today’s Lutherans divide themselves into different organizations as they interpret both the words of Luther and the Bible differently. Then comparing any of the Lutherans to other Christian denominations is another story.

Nonetheless, many congregations today can find their roots in the events approaching 500 years ago. Today, an aspect of the Tea Party movement wants to force their religious philosophy onto everyone. I say we may need more study, dialogue, and inward reflection to bring about a reformation of the current religious climate.

Below are three videos, a choir’s hymn set to images from the Reformation, a handbell choir to the same tune, and for those who have the time, a longer travel documentary by travel guru Rick Steves.

A Mighty Fortress is Our God (Singing Choir)

A Mighty Fortress is Our God (Handbell Choir)

Rick Steve: Luther’s Germany

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