On Election Day 2010 Tidbits

With Election Day 2010 upon us, here are some random shorts.

First, and most importantly, I hope you exercise your right to vote.

I think the Republicans will gain control of at least chamber – getting both is a longer shot, but possible. Nonetheless, I wonder how much stalemate lies ahead.

I look forward to the press conferences tonight and over the next few days. I can hear the lines already: America has spoken. The voters want a change. The American public has corrected the direction. We know what the people have said they want. Blah, blah, blah … Did we hear the same in 2008?

I remain convinced that politicians slogan is “party above country.” Proof lies in Senator Mitch McConnell recent statement, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

As Republicans jump for joy about gaining support from independents, here’s what they don’t know. Independent moderates vote against a party, not for one. Independent moderates vote parties out, not vote parties in. In other words, the odds of the winners misreading the results are great – just as stated in the previous paragraph.

For anyone needing to know more about the mindset of independent moderates, see this past post. Pew Research Center published this study in September about independents and partisans.

Democrats misread the nation in 2008, and I am confident that the Republicans will miss read us in 2010. After all, the GOP thinks the public is only mad at Democrats.

Some Tea Party candidates will win. I will be interested to see how it unfolds. Will they stand-pat on their ideals and then buck the GOP; or will they cave in to GOP pressure and conform? How will GOP leadership calm the turbulent in-house waters? Will they be one-termers?

Regardless of the results, if the politicians were serious about change, the party would elect different leaders. Names like Pelosi, Boehner, Reid, and McConnell would be out on both sides. So would their lieutenants. I know – I’m dreaming – although Nevada voters seem headed toward taking care of one of the problems – but I shake my head at their replacement.

Here are a few good reads about Election 2010.

13 thoughts on “On Election Day 2010 Tidbits

  1. “America has spoken”
    We will hear so many permutations of this hackneyed and trite phrase that we will want to puke.

    “Independent moderates vote parties out, not vote parties in”
    Frank, you are dead solid perfect, squarely in the cross hairs on this observation. As far as the replacement in Nevada, the good news is, a junior senator is easier to reign in than one of the most senior.

    All of which brings to mind my favorite quote from the immortal and vaunted Fats Waller “One nevah know, do one!”

    Kindest regards,


    • Joe,
      Agree … we will hear many phrase invoking puke.

      Also agree on reigning in junior senators – but I foresee Sharron Angle being difficult control. I wonder how long it will take for her to vote with Democrats against a Republican proposal. However, her vote could be because the bill didn’t go far enough. But Fats Waller says it will. Thanks for sharing.


      • Melissa,
        My vote is now officially cast. Good news is that my polling place wasn’t busy. Sad news is that my polling place wasn’t busy. Glad to see you impressed commenter Joe by using the word “fixin”. For the record, he’s from LA …. Lower Arkansas.


        • Ah ha … so you also follow college football. I’m one Ohioan not on the OSU bandwagon. Living amongst those who see themselves as the chosen ones … Ohio St football fans and Kentucky basketball fans — it’s easy to be turned off to both. Meanwhile, combined wins of my two alma maters may not reach bowl eligibility. (Bowling Green & Cincinnati). Sad times in this house on Saturdays … and then Sundays aren’t much better.


    • Joe … I’m impressed your keen eye caught the use of “fixin”. Since I just returned from the polls, does that mean I’m fixed?


  2. My thing of note on this is, the candidates – the rigth – have run on a referendum of anger towards Obama – and it will maybe carry them forwward and as you say, will put them in a seat, but how long before people see that shouting about the so called “socialist” policies and pulling back on every legislation the Obama admin has enacted, will make the public grow weary – the people want results – I hope they see quickly that the party of no, are the party that got them into the mess in the first place. It is just sad to see the people have allowed the right to dictate a vision they want them to believe and not the truth.

    Great post again


    • Emma … there is no doubt that the right’s vile nature skews reality. Then again, the left can be just as off-beat. Unfortunately, the US parties no have very little overlap … if any at all. Years ago, the two had an overlap that allowed for common ground. Today, it seems to be all or nothing. Therefore, the no party represents the independent moderate voters – hence why they vote parties out, not parties in. There’s no doubt the GOP will make gains tonight. However, I will be interested in listening to what they have to say. After all, independents are very happy with them either. The question is do they realize that. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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