On to the Dentist

With Election Day over, what better way to celebrate the results and seeing less television ads than by going to the dentist. My implant procedure actually started mid-summer when it was discovered that a tooth with a root canal fractured. Given the options, I chose to get a dental implant.

The process began with a tooth extraction. The endodontist then filled the hole with a material to strengthen the bone, which takes time. So today, 4 months or so later, it’s time to receive the actual implant. After allowing more healing time, the process will conclude in late winter/early spring with a my dentist fitting a crown over the implant.

Here’s a short animation about the process – but I’m only getting one.

4 thoughts on “On to the Dentist

  1. I had one of these done earlier this year on my #14 tooth (top left molar, 2nd from back not counting wisdom tooth). Good news is I don’t remember the implant process hurting, and I didn’t have any pain at all in the days following. Bad news is it feels a little goofy for a couple months when you run your tongue over the tiny bit of titanium post sticking out of your gum. Could be worse.

    Hopefully the guy doing your crown will know what he’s doing. Mine couldn’t figure out how to make the crown actually make contact with my gumline (long story), so I have to clean between the crown and gum every day with floss. When the crown finally breaks, which they all do eventually, I’ll go to somebody else and have a proper one made. Not worth paying for that process again until it’s necessary.

    Good luck, and let us know how it works out!


    • Eric,
      Thanks for the tips from your experience. All seemed to go well, although the area is still covered – thus I don’t know what’s underneath. Good news, compared to your experience, I’ve had good experiences with crowns with my dentist. I know this one is different, but I also know he stays up with changes. Thanks for sharing and visiting.


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