On Random Post-Election Thoughts

On the Two-Way Street
Rightfully so, many are wondering how well President Obama will work with House Republicans, but I also ask one addition question: How well will House Republicans will work with President Obama?

On Mr. Boehner’s Job
In my own warped view, I feel sorry for House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), the one who presumably has the task of leading the GOP Civil War. It will be interesting to see how he manages the divisions in his party, and working with President Obama.

On the other hand, Mr. Boehner is already using the results to suggest a mandate for GOP policies. In his WSJ opinion, Senator DeMint (R-SC) drew a line in the sand for the Tea Party members. Senator McConnell’s has well publicized that ousting President Obama in 2012 is his top priority. Warning: Independents will not buy that product.

On My Take
My suggestion of governing from the center is throughout this blog. Nevertheless, the overlapping center of the two parties no longer exists, which leads to an all-or-nothing approach.

Republicans say Democrats would not listen; Democrats say Republicans would not play. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that problem – yet America re-elected the majority of incumbents seeking a return to Washington.

President Obama campaigned about bridging the dividing, hence one reason how he captured the majority of independents. Whether by choice, necessity, haste, or simply the way Washington works, he did not deliver – thus Tuesday’s results.

Contrary to what many believe, we pragmatics believe that voters elect presidents to lead a nation – not lead a party. Although a political ideology frames any elected official, a president needs to know when to shove, when to compromise, and when to give way. Heaven forbid if Capitol Hill did the same. Therefore, unless their is an unexpected significant event that brings the nation together, the next two years could be ugly.

4 thoughts on “On Random Post-Election Thoughts

    • 3rd Stone,
      Many thanks as Cincinnati mourns. He was one of the most popular sports figures in our history. Thanks for your well wishes.


  1. Hi Frank!

    I was really despondent yesterday until President Obama’s 4:30pm conference call — he was very uplifting and encouraged us his supporters. 🙂

    I hope that fickle minded Democrats who did not vote and our fair weather Independent allies who were there when times were good but abandoned us as soon as things got challenging shut up when it gets ridiculous (the GOP Civil War) in Washington.

    In the next two years, Teapublicans will end unemployment, create a surplus of job, create a budget surplus, get rid of the Health Care Bill, get rid of entitlements, deport 12 million illegal immigrants, lower the deficit, get the country out of debt, fix Social Security, fix Medicare, establish a Christian State, reverse Roe vs. Wade and impeach our President. They will do all of this simply by controlling the House! Rolling my eyes!!!

    I think Obama has been diplomatic these past 2 years…he might take his gloves off.



    • Paulette,
      The GOP civil war will be interesting. Senator McConnell is willing to be the obstructionist, which (I believe) will act in President Obama’s favor. The House side will be interesting to watch. If Leader Boehner tries to seek compromises, the GOP war will intensify – thus another plus for the president. (plus Palin splits the party). If he goes the obstructionist route, another plus for the president. Besides, the TP people have limited appeal. Thanks for commenting.


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