Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 74

On the New Header
Courtesy of the Hubble Gallery, which continues to amazes me, this image of  of a red supergiant star in the constellation Monocerotis. We are truly blessed to be part of such a grand creation. Take this tour through Monocerotis courtesy of Hubble.

On Dancing with the Stars
Sarah Palin’s effect on my political world is one thing, but now the Palin Effect has crossed into my entertainment world. Could I be ready to boycott Dancing with the Stars?

On Political Polls
Although many political polls were correct this past Tuesday, the majority missed the Nevada senatorial race by a long short. With most polls showing Sharron Angle to win, Harry Reid wins by 7 percent. Not surprisingly, independents decided that race by going 2-1 in favor of Senator Reid. Although I’m not a Harry Reid fan, but I am happy that Sharron Angle did not win.

On Tuesday’s Fallout
Given the predictable nature of Tuesday’s election results, I appreciate these columns by David Brooks, Ruth Marcus, David Broder, and Kathleen Parker.

On from Contract to Pledge
Since Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) road the Contract with America wave into Washington, it is fitting that he is now leading the GOP’s latest venture – A Pledge to America. Although points exist that any public official should aspire, political rhetoric also exists. See this FactCheck report.

On the Sports Shorts
At the start of the season, I doubt if anyone would have predicted the struggles of the Cowboys, Vikings, Bengals, 49’ers, and Broncos. Individually yes, but not collectively.

Congratulations SF Giants and your fans. You earned it fair and square. Well done!

Cincinnati mourns the passing of legendary Reds manager Sparky Anderson. Sparky was a classic and loved in Cincinnati. Many Reds fans never forgave GM Dick Wagner for firing Sparky and trading Tony Perez. Many thanks Sparky, and rest in peace. Here’s a must-read article about the Main Spark from today’s Cincinnati Enquirer.

After two consecutive great seasons, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats football team has hit hard times. As many were raving about then-coach Brian Kelly’s brilliance, it was obvious to me that his scheme was great with former coach Mark Dantonio’s recruits. Coach Kelly is now at Notre Dame, thus leaving the current coach with an incomplete cupboard. Hmmm – I guess Coach Kelly wasn’t that good of a recruiter.

On Future Posts
I’m looking forward to stepping away from politics a bit.

Have a safe weekend!