Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 75

On those Gold Gloves
Cheers to my Cincinnati Reds as they recently won THREE Gold Glove Awards. Congratulations to Scott Rolen (3B), Brandon Phillips (2B), and Branson Arroyo (P)!

On the House of Dems
Speaker Pelosi just doesn’t get it. While proclaiming she wants to stay for the fight, her retaining leading the Democrats will work against the party because most people don’t trust her.

On a Description of Palin
Some believe that Sarah Palin’s main aims are herself and her pocket book. Russ Douthat, a conservative columnist at the New York Times, wrote the following about Sarah Palin.

… having watched Sarah Palin pretty closely over the last few years, first with great interest and sympathy and then with frustration and disillusionment, I can say with some degree of confidence that it’s the kind of response you’ll almost never hear from the former Alaska governor. Cultural authenticity may be her bread and butter, but politically she’s established a consistent identity as a strident and self-justifying base-flatterer who rarely strays from her go-for-the-jugular talking points. There’s a narrow slice of the electorate that loves that kind of thing, and a broader population that doesn’t — and given the choice between saying the thing that broadens her appeal and the thing that plays best with the narrower group that already loves her, Palin always, always seems choose the latter. Conservative writers have been giving her advice on how to break out of this box for more than two years now (this week it was Kevin Williamson, imagining how she might boost her credibility as a presidential candidate), and I think at a certain point we all just need to stop playing make-believe and acknowledge that she isn’t interested. The politician that Jonathan Last heard on Fox News on Tuesday, never giving an inch and blaming everything on the media, is the politician Sarah Palin has become, and wants to be, and seems likely to remain.

On Dancing with the Stars
The Bristol Palin’s continual presence has gotten to under my skin, so I purposely did not watch the show this past week. I said this would happen as I figured that her mother’s troop of fanatics would stuff the ballot box, and they have. How else can the lowest score survive?

Meanwhile, last season ESPN did a Sports Science segment about the athleticism of professional dancers. Here’s the link to the first 90 seconds of the awesome segment.

On Worth Checking

  • In the spirit of humor, someone at the Cincinnati Enquirer posted 14 images that President Bush rejected for his memoir.
  • Since the initial invasion of Iraq seems so long ago, it’s time to bring back a legend of that event – Baghdad Bob. How would be announce a Red Sox-Yankee game? Well, here’s a copy of the post that originally appeared on ESPN. What a hoot!
  • Here’s one of my past posts where I explain the existence of supersonic kangaroos. Yes, you read that right.

Have a safe weekend!