On 85

I have not posted anything about numbers in some time, but today is a good opportunity. As mentioned here several times, my dad passed away on September 19 at age 84. Today, November 20 he would have been 85. So in the A Frank Angle spirit, here’s a toast to 85. For posts about other numbers, click Numbers in the Categories section on the right sidebar or click here.

In Language

85, eighty five, ottanta cinque, attio fem, Achtzig fünf, seksen bas, quatre-vingt cinq, and LXXXV

In Mathematics

  • 85 is a whole number, an octahedral number, a centered triangular number, a centered square number, a decagonal number, and a Smith number
  • 85 is the product of two prime numbers (5 and 17), and is therefore a biprime
  • 85 is only divisible by four numbers: 1, 5, 17, 85
  • 85 is 1111 in base 4

In Science

  • The element astatine (At) is atomic number 85, thus one neutral atom has 85 protons and 85 electrons
  • 85 C = 185 F and 358 K
  • 85 F = 29 C and 302 K
  • 85 K = colder than you can imagine
  • NGC 85 is a galaxy in the constellation Andromeda
  • 85 Io is a large main belt asteroid
  • 85 Pegasi is a multiple star system in constellation of Pegasus
  • 85 Ceti is a variable star in the constellation of Cetus
  • 85P/Boethin is a periodic comet

In History

  • Federalist No. 85, by Alexander Hamilton, was the last of the Federalist Papers’ (1788)
  • Lima Site 85 was a battle in the Vietnam War
  • 85th Congress met from January 3, 1957 to January 3, 1959, during the fifth and sixth years of Dwight Eisenhower’s presidency with both chambers having a Democratic majority

In the Arts

  • The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie, a book by Thomas Fink and Yong Mao
  • 85 Days: The Last Campaign of Robert Kennedy a book by Jules Witcover
  • Live/1975–85, an album of live recordings by Bruce Springsteen (1986)
  • 80–85 a compilation album by Bad Religion (1991)
  • Cupid & Psyche 85, an album by band Scritti Politti (1985)
  • 45/85 was a television documentary on World War II
  • Minuscule 85, Papyrus 85, Lectionary 85 are early Greek manuscripts of the New Testament
  • “85”, a 2000 rap single by YoungBloodz

In Geography

  • The high-rise apartment building shown in the opening credits of The Jeffersons is located at East 85th Street and Third Avenue. Manhattan
  • Arabigere 85 is a village in India
  • Interstate 85 (I-85) connects Petersburg, Virginia (near Richmond) and Montgomery, Alabama.
  • U.S. Route 85 extends 1,479 miles (2,380 km) north-south border-to-border through in the Midwestern United States from Fortuna, ND to El Paso, TX
  • Since Latitude 90 degrees is at the respective poles, latitude 85 degrees N and S are near their respective poles

In Commerce

  • 85 Degrees Café
  • E85 fuel is 85% ethanol and 15% conventional gasoline
  • MCS-85 was a family of Intel processors including the 8085
  • TI-85 was a graphing pocket calculator by Texas Instruments
  • KC 85 was a family of small computers built in East Germany in the 1980s
  • PMD 85 was a personal computer built in Czechoslovakia in 1985
  • Learjet 85 is an all-composite plane being developed by Bombardier Aerospace
  • British Rail Class 85, a category of UK train locomotives
  • DRG Class 85, a category of German train locomotives
  • TK 85 was a clone of the Sinclair ZX81 made in Brazil in 1895
  • EF 85mm is a photographic camera lens by Canon
  • F-85 is a family of Oldsmobile cars

In the Calendar

  • Year 85 C.E. Ptolemy born
  • Year 85 is also Berber calendar 1035, Buddhist calendar 629, and Muslim calendar year 85 AH

In the Military

  • 85mm is a common caliber for cannons
  • SU-85 was a Soviet tank
  • TR-85 was a Romanian battle tank
  • Tu-85 was a prototype Soviet bomber
  • ASU-85 a Soviet self-propelled gun
  • CZ 85 is a Czech 9mm semiautomatic pistol
  • PT-85 is a Korean tank
  • 7.62 Tkiv 85 is a Finnish army rifle
  • HG 85 is a Swiss fragmentation grenade
  • Taurus Model 85, a 9mm revolver made in Brazil
  • Linesman/Mediator radar systems
  • Type 85 (Chinese Tank)
  • A Chinese produced variant of the SVD (rifle)
  • Type 85 refers to certain military equipment, such as Type 85 (submachine gun)
  • Type 85/YW 306, 23 mm cannon

In sports

  • In MLB, St. Louis Cardinals retired #85 for former owner August Busch, Jr., the highest uniform number retired in all of baseball represents his age at the time
  • In NFL 85 is retired for Chuck Hughes (Lions) and Jack Youngblood (Rams)
  • In NASCAR , car #85 has raced only 34 times with only 1 top 20; most commonly raced by Bobby Gerhart

In Miscellaneous

  • The ISBN Group Identifier for books published in Brazil
  • The radix of the Ascii85 (sometimes called Base85) binary-to-text encoding
  • The IQ and nickname of Aaron in Alien 3
  • A85 is the Dutch Defence in the Encyclopaedia of Chess

Happy 85 Dad. Our loss is your gain as we know you are happiest now with Mom.