On Thanks for a Giving Joshua

After seeing this story about Joshua Williams a few months ago on the NBC Nightly News, I knew that I had to feature him in a post. With Thanksgiving upon us, now is time to feature his cause and action.

When he was four, his grandmother gave him $20, but he gave it away to someone homeless. Less than a year later, he wanted to do something to feed hungry children. Shortly thereafter, Joshua’s Heart, a foundation focusing on hunger relief was born. Joshua is now nine years old, and the foundation is going strong.

Amazingly, Joshua discovered something early in life that many never figure out – the importance of caring for and helping others. Whether you see it in the spirit of religion or not, he is an example and the spirit of what humans can do for one another. In today’s bitter, partisan times in our in-your-face culture, Joshua Williams is a beacon of goodness.

Besides the foundation’s video below, here is a link to the foundation and one to the NBC News story I saw. During this Thanksgiving holiday, I thank Joshua for being a model of giving.