Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 78

On the Slurpee Summit
Slurpees have little-to-no nutritional value, so it is an excellent symbol of the recent meeting between Republican Congressional leaders and the White House. The McConnell-Boehner team took the meeting so seriously that they published this op-ed in the Washington Post the day of the meeting – and to no surprise – it is fully of party rhetoric and plenty of evidence that they misread the recent election results.

On Earmarks Vote
A vote banning earmarks sent the proposal down in flames. Interestingly, 14 senators voted against their party: Evan Bayh* (D-IN), Sen. Bob Bennett** (R-UT), Michael Bennet (D-CO), Thad Cochran (R-MS.), Susan Collins (R-ME), Sen. Russ Feingold** (D-WI), James Inhofe (R-OK), Dick Lugar (R-IN), Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Lisa Murkowski (R-AL), Bill Nelson (D-FL), Richard Shelby (R-AL.), Mark Udall (D-CO), Sen. George Voinovich* (R-OH). It will be interesting to watch future actions of these senators. * Retiring   ** Defeated

On the Kyl Trail
Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is against a tax increase for anyone. Senator, when tax policy comes to a vote, remember this – decreasing my tax rate and increasing the amount I pay is a tax increase you jackwagon! (A reminder: That’s better than being a nincompoop.)

On the Street Sign Mandate

Someone got this great idea to mandate local governments to change all their street signs from all caps to initial-cap style. This is a brilliant example of Washington’s clueless behavior.

On the Palin Express
Today, the Sarah Palin book signing tour comes within 10 miles of my home. I hope to get a signed copy of both her book and a world map for Melissa and Emma. Meanwhile, Republican and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough had this interesting article on Sarah Palin this week at Politico.

On a Classic Letter
I don’t read PolitiFact as much as I want, but I appreciate its work. They recent published this must-read letter from an unhappy reader that made me smile.

On Law & Order
This week’s episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles included includes a philandering golf star and his club-wielding wife. The writers using Tiger’s situation is probably a long shot. If you miss it, view it here.

On a few Sports Shorts

  • The TCU Horned Frogs are bound to the Big East Conference. Could someone please tell me why the Big 12-that-is-actually-10 let TCU get away.
  • Oh the pain of my football teams: 2-10, 4-7, and 2-9. Then again, you don’t see me running to jump on the another’s bandwagon. After all, true fans endure the pain too. Good news is that only two of them are playing this weekend.
  • Another Ohio State-Michigan game in the books, and another bore.

On another Classic Angle
Many of us flock to the movies during the holiday season. We enjoyed Unstoppable – the predictable action thriller about a runaway train. In the spirit of moviegoers everywhere, here is one of my favorite posts from the past. It’s about popcorn – and the video at the end is one of my favorites.

Have a safe weekend.

10 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 78

    • Meesh,
      I clearly recall that day in the store that sparked the idea … and then returning with pad & pen to record all the kinds the next time. Take a look at the kinds on your next trip. Glad I caused a chuckle … thanks for visiting and commenting.


  1. I watched the L&O episode tonight, and I thought, “Gee…hmmm…wonder who they might be parodying?” (Parodying…hideous…I had to look it up to make sure it was an actual word…I know. I’m lame.)


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