On the Gift of Images

Whether it be a beautiful site, a moment in time, a human emotion, or whatever, images can capture so much. Below is my first gift of the season – simply a few sites with pictures. Feel free to share links of other sites in the comments.

Flickr gallery Lights in the Dark and its blog page provide outstanding images of space.

I said this on more than one occasion, but I’m in awe when viewing images at the Hubble Gallery and the European Southern Observatory.

I bookmarked this images a few months ago of the hidden beauty of a no-longer-used NYC subway station.

The stills captured by high speed cameras are wonderful.

Consider trolling around the National Geographic Photo Contest page.

I look forward to Joe’s weekly post about the ordinary in life, but here’s his professional page.

If you have a special images site you would like to share, please do so.

Meanwhile, since many of us have been in the grips of cold weather, here’s a flashback to the colors of this fall … the Japanese Maple in front of our home.

What will be tomorrow’s gift of the season? Please return to find out.

15 thoughts on “On the Gift of Images

    • Hey Joe … glad you saw it. All because of a small comment on your Fall in LA post (sometime in Nov). Thanks for visiting – hope you return the rest of the week for other gifts.


    • Jim,
      Wow … many thanks for the links. There is something about black and white images about people that strike me. The NY subway pics show so much about life through the ages. Brilliant. Thanks for visiting and sharing – hope you return the rest of the week for other gifts.


  1. I be sitting underneath that glorious tree, FrankA, eating a HoneyCrisp apple smeared with crunchy peanut butter and (I’m not done yet)….drinking a really really nice cuppa flat white. When you and Mrs. A. be out side to sit with me…..?


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