On My 2010 Abstract

2010 is about to close, so here’s a review of my life with some other moments at the end.

January – To work on a project, I drove 70 minutes each way in the cold of winter.

February – Took a break from the project to have 8 days on the Alabama gulf coast, which had one of the coldest winters in years. Snow fell from Mobile to Tallahassee, even 7 inches 60 miles inland!

March – With so much time working and on the road, blog numbers continue to spiral downward. I kept posting, but couldn’t get out to read as much. Attended another wonder Grand Tasting at the Cincinnati International Wine Festival.

April – For the first time in over 20 years, I was not in a golf league – couldn’t get back in time from the project.

May – At least the 70-minute drive wasn’t in the cold, but the grass was growing fast.

June – My wife and I whacked ourselves with the stupid stick. Why else would two sensible people without a mortgage put their house up for sale during a lousy housing market?

July – I still haven’t played a round of golf, but the project is still delivering income. Started the tooth implant process, which is still in process.

August – The drought is in full swing – thus I don’t have to worry about making time to cut grass, but keeping the house show-ready all the time is a daily grind for both of us.

September – Going into the last week of the project, my Dad passes away, thus my role in the project ends early. The project finally is renewed, but with fewer people – good-bye to 140 minutes each day on the road.

October – Thankfully, I had time to work on Dad’s estate. I attended my first MLB Playoff game. Yippee – my wife and I have a great 4-day getaway to Charlottesville, Virginia for history, scenery, and wine … and I’m back to reading online.

November – At least I’m home to keep the house show ready, but going cross-state when I can to deal with the estate. Played my first golf round of the year, and my wife won one of the nines for the first time, so she’s happy. Watching UC Bearcat football is painful.

December – We took the house off the market, and the blog numbers are increasing. This was an unusually cold month in Cincinnati. On to the unknown of 2011.

Many personalities left us in 2010, thus click here for a great tribute to those people. For a wonderful 11-minute overview of the events of 2010, what the NBC News video below.

6 thoughts on “On My 2010 Abstract

  1. Frank,

    Great review of 2010, but guess what? December isn’t over yet, perhaps you’ll strike gold/oil, win the lottery…

    Here’s wishing you all the very best for 2011, but I will be back before the strike of midnight on the 31st!


    • Oh that’s sooo right Meesh as the Mega Millions jackpot is $237 million …. or a cash option of $150.8 million … and the drawing is New Years Eve! … and yes, we’ll play because that’s the only way to have a chance, even though chances are extremely slim. But hey … it’s fun to imagine. Thanks for the best wishes and the best 2011 for you too!


  2. That’s an interesting way to look back at the year. I’m not sure I could do that – I’d probably get all the months mixed up. Hahaha. Happy New Year!!!!!


    • Mckenzie,
      Thanks … but to me, it sure seemed like a dull year. But probably because I probably forgot a lot. 🙂 Happy New Year to you and thanks for visiting. PS: Hope you stop by to see the new year video!


  3. Great look back on 2010. I recall many of the moments you mentioned especially of your dad and the Reds playoff run. I have yet to attend an MLB Playoff game, but hopefully in the near future.

    Best wishes for 2011 my friend!


    • David,
      Playoff game atmosphere is a step up from the regular season, especially in baseball with so many games. Since I know you love sports, hope you make one! Thanks for commenting.


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