On the First Monday of 2011

Happy 2011 everyone, and I hope all were able to enjoy the spirit of the holidays.

Monday Morning Entertainment posts are meant to jump start the week on a lighter note of fun, humor, or even amazement. Longtime readers know that my wife and I enjoy ballroom dance, so in that spirit, here’s a wonderful popular video for 2011’s first Monday.

Have a good week and hope this gets the new year off on the right foot. Well, in the ballroom world, only women start off on their right. Fitting, because aren’t they always right?

12 thoughts on “On the First Monday of 2011

    • Mckenzie,
      Ah yes … a challenge for your 2011. (ha ha). The dog and owner are from Chile, and even did a shorter version on Letterman. I simply cracks me up. BTW … you are my first comment of 2011! Thanks for visiting.


  1. Holy, that dog does a mean merengue, aren’t partners suppose to hold each other in a closed position?

    Actually the dog does a better job than I ever could. Jealous is all.

    I must take up ballroom dancing, sounds like fun! Tack this on for another Resolution, am I too late?


    • Happy New Year Meesh!

      Not all merengue is in closed position, but definitely more than with the dog. Nonetheless, this dog is a hoot!

      Ballroom dance is enjoyable with many benefits, but it’s tougher than one thinks. We simply keep doing it because we enjoy it. BTW … although it’s been awhile, I’ve done some posts on ballroom dance.

      How was your New Years’ Eve?


      • Frank,

        New Year’s eve was not so great I was feeling under the weather, also there was a death in the family.

        Not, the best of times, but thanks for asking. I hope yours was magical!

        Happy New Year Frank!


        • Meesh,
          Most importantly, sorry to hear about your loss as there is never good timing for those events. May the fond memories live with you and help you overcome your sadness.


  2. A dancing dog beats a wandering goat or an Angus-steer-as-family-dog any day! Then again, it is a Golden, who have absolutely NO sense of dignity. You’d never catch a Cattle Dog doing that! (Although he might play along just long enough to see you embarrass yourself in public.)

    Sorry to hear your 2010 was so rough. My year was 2009, when I lost my mom, and became estranged from my dad. (Long story, too much drama to recount, unless asked.) I have hopes for 2011, though, as we did talk just before Christmas. I’ll just hope that ALL our 2011s are far superior to our 2010s.

    And as a side note, you have a great website, thanks for hooking me up. Now you won’t have the Padre to defend you from my insanity! 😉


    • John,
      First of all … welcome! As you can see, I cover a wide-range of topics. In general, Monday Morning Entertainment and Friday’s Opinions in the Shorts … in between – one never knows.

      I actually don’t consider 2010 as a rough year …. actually a boring year because I was working too much! Sure losing a parent isn’t easy, but hey – he struggled for a day …. not weeks, months, or years like many others. So I’m thankful for that. I’m also one who tries to look at the positive side of deaths.

      Oh well … time is short for me at the moment, but wanted to respond. Thanks for visiting.


  3. Hello Frank!!! Happy New Year!

    Thanks for sharing the video. I want to dance with this dog, too. She is so cute and lovely. I want, i want, I want!!!

    I hope everything is doing well on your side of the world. Hugs!


    • Maxi,
      Happy New Year … and glad you loved the dog that makes me smile each time I watch. Stay warm in Sweden and thanks for visiting!


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