On a Potpourri of Reads

Below are random notes on a variety of topics with links to some interesting reads. I hope you find something worthwhile, and enjoy the musical treat at the end.

On the Latest Brokers
This past Tuesday’s post was about the political center and the current lack of overlap between the two major parties. John Avalon wrote this piece about the current GOP mavericks.

Oh College Football
Dan Wenzel, one of the few Yahoo! Sports writers I give any credit, wrote this good article about the state of college football in terms of the recent dealings by some Ohio State players. Yes, I’m from Ohio, yet count me in as one who thinks the NCAA’s penalty is a both a joke and an acknowledgement of state of major college athletics.

On a Retirement Perspective
Columnist Ellen Goodman (retired, Boston Globe) offers an interesting perspective about retirement and aging that is appropriate for all ages.

On the Previous House Speaker from Cincinnati
Representative John Boehner (R-OH) if a life-long Cincinnatian who is the new Speaker of the House of Representative. The last Cincinnatian to hold that position was Nicholas Longworth, who started in the House in 1903 and then elected as Speaker in 1925. For those interested in a bit of history, see this recent article from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

On the GOP Tussle
On more than one occasion, I have mentioned that Speaker Boehner will have his hands full in managing his own party – especially with the Tea Party’s our-way-or-nothing philosophy. A liberal friend of mine even feels that Speaker Boehner could be a pleasant surprise. I don’t give Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) much of my time, but here’s an interesting analysis of the GOP environment.

On Resolutions
Kathleen Parker (Washington Post, and one of my favorite columnists) weaves an interesting slant about New Years’ resolutions and politics. Not cutting – just good for the brain.

On the Importance of Language
Columnist Nicholas Kristof (New York Times) provides an excellent perspective about being multilingual. However, a segment of our population will miss the point.

On the Size of Government
Columnist David Brooks (New York Times) final sentence in this column is profound: “Quality, not quantity, matters most.”

On Simple Gifts
Simple Gifts, the Quaker tune, is commonly associated with Thanksgiving, although I (and others) maintain it is timeless. Here’s a moving 7+ minutes rendition from the musical Blast. Hope you take the time to watch, enjoy, and remember the simple gifts we can give to other any day.

10 thoughts on “On a Potpourri of Reads

  1. As you know, Frank, I’m not from Ohio originally, and have little use for sports (being a Cubs fan isn’t sports – it’s penance!), but I’m 100% in agreement with you on the OSU players. Basically, OSU decided they wanted to win the Bowl game, and so they worked out whatever they could with the NCAA to do so. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a speeding ticket, say, and worked something out with your boss where you paid it by taking Sundays off? The punishment is a farce, the timing of it is a farce, and OSU’s smarmy work-around should earn the entire school’s athletic program a year off from competition. To touch back to our economics discussion, this is the difference in justice based on income. A tiny, little school would’ve lost their bowl spot, lost their athletic director, and lost the 5 idiots. OSU, a big, bankable name, gets to set their own penalties, because they bring in big coin for the NCAA. (And you wonder why I don’t like talking about OSU with the neighbors!)


    • John,
      I don’t know why this sticks in my brain, but I thought 4 of the 5 said (at their initial press conference) that there was no guarantee they would return. The one the did is a Cincinnatian, which got addition attention here. Well … then the tune changed … but I may be mistaken.

      I find it hard to believe the players didn’t know they were in the wrong … and I find it hard to believe that OSU doesn’t tell players rights and wrongs. OH well …. the situation was simply poorly handled by the NCAA.

      Thanks for sharing … and go Reds. … but hey … I loved watching the Cubs when Harry Caray was broadcasting.


    • Beeze,
      Whew … amen (unfortunately) to the most of the crap that Yahoo Sports posts. Overall, Wenzel’s stuff is good. Wow … did he ever hit the nail on the head about the Ohio State issue. Retired coach Rich Brooks’ comments was simple and to the point.

      Hope all is well with your newest arrival. Thanks for visiting.


  2. Good Morning, Frank!

    Appreciate the great reading material presented once again by your masterful stroke of the keys. It’s amazing how you cover so many interesting and thought-provoking subjects so adequately with such keen insights. Please pray for my GOP, ’cause I think we are going to need devine intervention tp prevent the party of Lincoln from imploding…

    Have a great day, Frank!


    • Al,
      And Good Morning to you up there in the land of the best pub food.

      Thanks for the kind words. My focus all along on this blog has been to bounce around a variety of topics. 1) It keeps one fresh. 2) There’s so much to share. 3) Covering one topic (especially politics) can make one too closed minded and cynical. This post is just a collection of stuff that I’ve tagged … and that I wanted to clear as I was getting behind from my holiday break from the daily grind.

      As I mentioned Tuesday, there’s a lot of discourse within both sides of the aisle. There always has been, but it seems to be getting worse. Past posts show that I haven’t been a John Boehner fan, but right now, I’m giving me a pass because I want to see how he manages the boiling tea pot. On the other hand, I have a difficult time even listening to Mitch McConnell or Eric Cantor – thus I try to tune them out. Sarah Palin is like a hord of pesky insects … and the same is true for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I too hope for a voice of reason to emerge … hopefully on both sides! Maybe that is why I rely more on respectable columnists for my information.

      Whoa … too much information. 🙂 …. Have a good day and thanks for stopping by.


  3. Well said, Frank!

    You are not alone…all across America folks are wishing that the voices of the more sensible representatives on both sides of the asile would emerge. The 112th Congress may produce a few examples of modern day “Profiles In Courage”, representatives who dare do what’s right inspite of the party line.

    Hopefully, over time, more sensible people like yourself will enter the political arena…our nation deserves nothing less.

    Carpe Diem!


    • Al,
      Thanks, but I couldn’t survive because as playing the “party game” would be too difficult. I recall former astronaut and eventual senator (Harrison Schmidt) say (and I paraphrase), “If you go to Washington to do want is right, you won’t get re-elected.”


    • Meesh,
      Oh my … that is such a hoot. Love it. Earlier today I saw the Jay Leno version. If it’s not this one, it was similar to. Thanks for sharing … and enjoy!


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