Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 81

On Thinking About
Thoughts and prayers to those in Cincinnati, Arkansas as they recover from the New Years’ Eve tornado. Cincinnati is a small town west of Fayetteville near the Oklahoma border.

Thoughts and prayers to those dealing with any passing during the holidays, and those who found the holidays difficult because someone wasn’t around for the first time.

Speaking of Arkansas, and on a lighter night, comedian commentator Lee Camp provides this interesting graph about the sudden bird kills in Arkansas.

On the Ohio Governor
Ohio’s newly-elected governor John Kasich decided to live at home instead of the governor mansion. I wonder the following: What upgrades will his home get from the state? How much travel allowance will he get? What other finances are involved? What will he give back after leaving office? Personally, it is his right to live at home, but only by foregoing any taxpayer assistance.

On the New Speaker
Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who represents the district adjacent to mine, is the first Speaker of the House from our area since Nicholas Longworth (1925). Did anyone notice that with all the rhetoric of the recent lame duck session, Mr. Boehner was very quiet?

On the other hand, why did Speaker Boehner leave the chamber during the reading of the Constitution to hold a news conference?

And in case you missed this one from Jimmy Kimmel.

On the Debt Ceiling
Battles over the debt ceiling have begun. While Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants to broker with Social Security, conservative columnist George Will provides this unexpected perspective about the debt ceiling.

On Health Care Reform Repeal
Even before their first session, House Republicans are vowing to fight for the repeal of the Health Care bill. They must beware of reading the tea leaves of national polls because just because a majority may not like the current bill, that doesn’t necessarily mean the public wants a repeal. See this past post from May 2010.

On some Random Notes from the Holidays

  • The Kennedy Center Honors television special was awesome entertainment and tribute. Tune in next year.
  • In an evening with another couple, we enjoyed two wonderful wines: Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel, Sonoma County (2006) and Ridge California Buchignani Ranch (2004). Both are not pure zin, but are great examples of zinfandel blends from two well-known zin producers. I purchased the Ridge at the vineyard several years ago, so I don’t you can find it at the store, but try another Ridge. If you can’t find the 2006 Ravenswood, here’s info about the 2007, because it is a good value at $16.
  • Hubble, the IMAX/OmniMax film, is one of the best I’ve seen in that setting in some time at the Cincinnati Museum Center.
  • The King’s Speech is a very good film currently in the theater. I hope that it’s historically accurate.
  • The Last Station is an excellent home rental.
  • The American is a lousy home rental – well, outside of a stunning Violante Placido. OK ladies, you get a brief shot of George Clooney’s butt.
  • Learning (on New Years’ Day) that Shania remarried was a tough way to start 2011.

Here’s a video song about Santa to a famous Charlie Daniels tune. Of course, it’s Santa Went Down to Georgia. Thank you Miss Robin. Hope everyone has a good and safe weekend.