On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 83

On an Upcoming Post
I only occasionally post on weekends. Since tomorrow deserves a special post, I hope you stop by this Saturday or Sunday.

On Palin Moments
Soon after the Arizona shootings, some pundits were quick to point to Sarah Palin and he heated rhetoric as the cause – and to that fact, she should have (and did) speak to those unfounded accusations. Let us keep in mind that defending herself does not protect her from saying something bad, stupid, or wrong.

Regarding Sarah Palin, I appreciated this op-ed by conservative columnist Ross Douthat (New York Times), which happens to be loaded with good quotes. As the media continues to treat her as the one we can’t get enough her, let us not forget that she is a nincompoop.

On a Few Political Shorts

  • This USA Today article regarding President Obama’s first two years is worthwhile.
  • GOP leadership’s decision to decline an invitation to the State dinner for China’s President Hu was not a good decision. Cheers to Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) for accepting the invitation. Boo to Harry Reid for his comments and absence.
  • The GOP repeal of health care has crossed the first hurdle, which is fine as long as it ensures coverage for more people at a lower cost to the government.
  • Occasionally the Fairness Doctrine comes into discussions, especially around talk radio. Emma wrote this informative post about the doctrine, which also includes some history and some personal commentary.

On an Impacting Exhibit
While celebrated Martin Luther King Day this past Monday, reflecting on my own thoughts and behaviors kindled memories of a wonderful traveling exhibit I attended called Understanding Race, which I wrote about in 2009. Good news is that the exhibit schedule goes into 2013 with 2011 stops in Boston, Charlotte, Washington, New Orleans, and Santa Barbara.

On Connecting NFL Coaches
UC also has interesting ties to the NFL playoffs. Going into last weekend, head coaches of 3 of the 4 remaining AFC teams were UC assistants. With John Harbaugh’s Raven’s loss, Rex Ryan (Jets) and Mike Tomlin (Steelers) will battle this weekend to see which former UC assistant makes it to the Super Bowl.

On the Movies

  • True Grit is worth seeing. Jeff Bridges is great as Rooster Cogburn, but for me, youngster Hailee Steineld carried the movie.
  • Anne Hathaway, announced as the next Catwoman in Batman, is an intriguing thought to imagine.
  • Yet-to-be-released (1 April 2011) Source Code created interest in this trailer.

Have a safe weekend and hope you stop by for the special post.