On a Monday Pug

I can easily recall this important moment from my year in eighth grade. Mr. Adams, our geography teacher, did not assign homework on this night because of an important television event that was about to happen. On this night, a super hero would debut complete with graphics of Boom, Bam, and Pow; and also introduce everyone to a theme song that would live for many years. And to this day, Adam West and Burt Ward are remembered.

Yet, more than 40 years later, reports exist that a certain representative from Minnesota is considering a run for the White House. Some would say that the pug is actually endorsing her candidacy instead of singing along with the theme song. Nonetheless, pets do the darndest things.

Wishing everyone a good week ahead and enjoy the pug!

14 thoughts on “On a Monday Pug

  1. Why does the pug sound like a chicken getting goosed? (Yes, I know I just transcended species.) And since I’m not up on Minnesota politics (they just aren’t the same without Jesse “The Body” Ventura), may I ask who is attempting a run some 40 years later? It can’t be Adam West, he’s mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island. Or don’t you watch “Family Guy”? (And shame on you if you don’t!)
    And I hope your week isn’t too RUFF! (Oh, you just HAD to be waiting for that one!) 😉


    • John,
      Agree that the pug’s sound is a bit weird, then again, so is Rep Michelle Bachmann (R-MN). I don’t watch Family Guy, then again, a watch very little night-time TV on a regular basis – but will watch shows my wife records. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Oh my!!! hahaha. I can’t stop laughing! This pud is so adorable! He’s trying to say Batman! I want to have him!

    By the way, thank you very very much for sharing that ice cream link on the comment you’ve left. I certainly want to try their ice cream one day. 🙂

    you have an awesome Monday, Frank! Hugs!


    • Maxi,
      Glad you enjoyed the pug … and I hope that someday you will get to try the glorious treat we know as Graeter’s ice cream. The stuff is so rich! YUM! Thanks for visiting.


  3. Oh my, that was funny! The pug’s voice wasn’t what I expected, but that is probably why it added that much more humor to it.

    Classic TV theme with a pug! What a hit!

    Have a great week!


    • Melissa,
      But could you hear the pug going Bach-mann ….. da da da da da da … Bachmann …. Maybe she could use the pug for a campaign ad in Iowa. Thank for visiting.


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