On a Pondering Frog

As the central part of the US is getting hammered with snow and ice, here is a light change of pace for the day. It’s time for you, the reader, to submit the caption to accompany this image.

Image is property of Tony Northrup, Northrup Photography

29 thoughts on “On a Pondering Frog

  1. Let’s see: I think, therefore I croak. Naw, too negative.
    “I think that I shall never spy, a thing as tasty as a fly”. No, wrong medium.
    “Paris Philosopher”. (Oh no, there he goes on the frog/French kick again!)
    Wow – something really nasty popped into my mind. Something based around brass. Something not suitable for ladies to read. So I’ll pass on that one, unless someone urges me to new levels of depravity!
    “I don’t see what’s so special about frog legs!” – Meh.
    Okay, somebody else now. My head hurts! 😀


    • You’re right, Meesh! If you look REALLY carefully, he does look a bit blue about the gills! A Frivolous Frozen Frigid Frog! 😀
      Or is that points off for repetition (frozen and frigid)?
      Frozen frog philosophises frozen flippers?
      Aw crud, I gave up on alliteration back in high school English class!


    • Hmm… I thought I hit reply to Meesh, but I replied to myself. Guess I don’t have the schizoid tendencies under control after all…..


    • I keep telling you guys, I’m branded. One little slip of the tongue in Quebec can scar you for life! 😀
      Besides, SOMEBODY’s got to keep the French humble. It’s a dirty job, but hey, I’ll take the risk for the betterment of mankind! Ain’t no way I’ll ever be up for sainthood. 😉


  2. What a thought-provoking idea, Frank! Because I’ve about had it with Old Man Winter, but I’ll refrain from captioning a message from the pondering frog on just where he–Old Man Winter–can go…

    Have a great day, my friend! Carpe Diem!


    • 3rd Stone,
      I guess you’re saying the frog is thinking, “Where am I?” (I couldn’t resist). Honestly don’t know, but I found the pic several years ago and had to use it. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. “I wonder what the person sculpted me wanted other people to think and feel… I bet most people just think, ‘yep, there’s that frog’ and keep on walking.”


  4. Time for me to toss in a couple.

    From my science side: “How can hot air rise on its own when it is actually pushed up?”

    From my theological side: “Can God create a rock so big that he can’t lift it?”

    From my political side: “Who’s more annoying, Palin or Bachmann?”

    From my blog side: “Why isn’t John scared of Melissa like I am?”


    • Frank- Two little secrets about me and Melissa-
      1) I have found a value I have for her, so she’ll keep me around JUST a bit longer.
      2) I am TERRIFIED of her! I just hide it under a generous helping of smart-aleck BS. 😀


      • John,
        Ah yes … the smart-aleck charmer. But that also means you can laugh.

        BTW – given my painting duties, sorry I haven’t been able to return comments as much as I normally do – but I know you understand where I’ve been. I may not be painting today, but I have a full day as I have a deadline for doing some things for the contractors by Saturday morning.

        So here’s my gift for you. You mentioned (elsewhere) that you appreciate the 3 Stooges. I’ve used them very times here, so I just add a subcategory for them (under Entertainment) just for you. Enjoy!


      • Wow! Thanks, Frank! That’s as big an honour as the time I embarrassed the Canadian Broadcasting Company into adding an entry to their websites “Day In History” area for the Dieppe invasion in 1942. Now I have TWO permanent marks on the Internet. Thanks! 🙂
        And never aplogise for how frequently (or infrequently) you get back to your blog entries. As I’ve told many bloggers, “Your blog, your rules”. This is YOUR little corner of the world – be the Great Dictator of it! (Just don’t pop your world!) 😉


        • John,
          Congratulations on your two marks in your personal history. Hope you visited the those videos of the Stooges. They are classic! …. Thanks for your kind words and continual contributions.


  5. “This frog is just waiting to be hit with a croak of genius.”

    It took me a couple of extra hours, but I nailed it. That’s the best thing anyone will ever write about this statue or frogs in general.


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    • Margaret,
      A Frank Angle welcome to a first-time commenter. This frog statue cracks me up – and now my wife want us to return to Boston so she can get a picture with it. Of course Boston is a great place to visit, but hey – from Cincinnati that takes some planning. Thanks for stopping by and hope you return.


        • Margaret,
          And look at all of your accomplishments since that riveting play. (rim shot). BTW … I normally responded much faster than this, but remodeling project is consuming my time. 😦 … thanks or stopping by.


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