On Random Thoughts w/o Opinions

Having a major remodeling project in progress within a house is always an interesting ordeal. Most is out of place, sheets cover furniture, and some walls exposed – leaving us to wonder what it will look like in the end. Hence, this is the reason I haven’t been out and around lately. The mess will be gone soon, plus the shopping for a large flat screen will shortly follow.

Last week I was shoveling after the 6-inch snowfall. It was mid-afternoon and the snow’s surface had a bluish glow. Not as bright as glacial blue, but the glow reminded me of the beauty of glaciers – especially Hubbard Glacier, which we saw when cruising Alaska (1999). Yes – glaciers can be very blue, so see these images of spectacular Hubbard Glacier. Therefore, if you ever take an Alaskan cruise, make sure it includes Hubbard Glacier.

Temperature suddenly dropped during the evening after last week’s snow; leaving the next morning to greet drivers with slick, icy roads. I had a routine appointment with a doctor that day, so the 15-mile drive was cautious. I safely arrived and entered the medical office to discover their heating troubles. Ah yes, the trouble we go through to get a finger up the butt.

To me, school reform is an interesting topic. The George Lucas Foundation (yes, George Lucas of Star Wars fame) dedicates itself to innovating education. For anyone interested, Edutopia, the foundation’s site, provides many interesting stories of achievement. Check it out.

Whether formal or informal, learning is important throughout one’s life. See this USA Today article about informal science lectures given in pubs – hence the name, Science Pubs. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this to exist in Cincinnati, but maybe a current pub owner or two saw the article and jumps at the idea. Hey, this would be a good venue to explain tides.

Opinions tomorrow.