On A Fav Chuckle for Monday

Michael Flatley’s Riverdance is still on the circuit, thus is coming to Cincinnati in early March. Here’s an act that I don’t think our theater patrons will see. Have a good week everyone.

16 thoughts on “On A Fav Chuckle for Monday

  1. From what I’ve heard, the monkeys have better personalities than Mr. Flatley. Probably better behaved, too. 😀
    And Frank, this is a GREAT time to do the “Monday” post. It actually ends my Sunday with a laugh, right alongside Simpsons and Family Guy! (I’m gonna convert you yet, pal, no matter how much flak Lady M gives me! 😉 )


      • John,
        OIC … only problem is that I’m not a regular TV watcher …. well, outside of the news and certain sporting events I want to watch.


      • Oh, but that’s the beauty of it. If you get TBS on whatever TV service you get, they play “Family Guy” all over the place! And your Fox affiliate should play new episodes once a week, probably on Sundays. Plenty of opportunities! And seriously, they fill it with a mess of cultural references I think you’d not only get, but enjoy. And it does keep you up to date on trends! 😀 Not to mention doing a really spectacular version of Star Wars! (The REAL Star Wars, episodes 4-6, not those silly prequels or any of the cartoon weirdness.) Good stuff! 🙂


      • Z,
        Glad you liked it. Riverdance has been around for since mid-late 1990s, and still has a touring company. Here’s a video for you that will put the chimps in proper perspective. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting and commenting.


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