On the Unexpected

Life is full of many twists and turns that reveal joys, sorrows, trials, tribulations, happiness, shock, uncertainty, honor, hope, and countless other emotions. Sometimes life delivers an unexpected surprise, and other times it is a double punch to the gut.

I recently received one of those punches that has set me back on my heels. Believe me, there are many with problems far greater than mine – but we are selfish creatures, thus see our problems in magnified light, and probably make them out to be worse than they really are.

With that as the backdrop, I’m saying this blog will be free of new posts for a while. A week, a month, more or less – I do not know – but I must concentrate on an important matter that requires time.

I hope to stay active in reading and commenting on the fine posts listed in the right column, plus others I have on my bookmarks. I enjoy learning and dialogue with others, plus having others stimulating me to think.

Thanks to everyone who stops by to read my thoughts, and special thanks to those who add their comments. So, until my next post, blessings to all of you and I hope you watch this 20-second video that says a lot.


60 thoughts on “On the Unexpected

  1. Frank,

    My “classy” Ohioan take care, and stay in touch!… Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur C’est toi et toi seulement qui fait ton bonheur en vie.

    “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather in spite of ourselves.”

    Victor Hugo



    • Meesh,
      Once again, you seem to have the knack for the right quote at the right time. Many thanks … more importantly, thanks for the kindness and time you’ve given me the past few months!


  2. GOOD Morning, Frank!

    Though we haven’t meet in real life, your gifts exude a decent and classy fellow human being. I am proud to have encountered someone like you, and look forward to reconnecting on your timeline as you chart a course through choppy seas at present. We are here for you every step of the way, and I’m proud to end this post as I always do with invoking “My friend”.


    • Al,
      Your kind words are topped by the kindness of what (I foresee) you doing in person. Many many thanks to you and your Canadian friend.


    • Melissa,
      Ahhh …. your soft side comes through … but you still scare me. 🙂 …. ha ha …. More importantly, many thanks for your time, sharing, and best wishes.


  3. If you need me, Frank, I’m here. Heck, I’ll even haul my lazy butt over to Cinci if you need it. You have my Email, and you know I’m all over the place, so you can find me whenever.
    Take care, my friend. It has been an honour and a privilege getting to know you. Good luck, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Godspeed, buddy!


    • John,
      We’ve only encountered each other a few months, but I realize your sincere nature that is behind your own brand of humor. Many thanks!


    • CCC,
      Many thanks for taking the time to wish me the best. Meanwhile, hope you Redskins don’t get locked out. But hey … at least the Nats don’t have that former Reds GM anymore!


  4. Hi Frank!

    Hope this message reaches you well and in good spirits this evening. Appears that annual pilgrimage called “Spring Training” is officially underway today around Major League Baseball circles…all my best to your hometown favorites…what a great dynasty they put together in the ’70’s…Double thumbs up to you and the Big Red Machine my classy “Ohioan”–Cheers!


    • Al,
      All well on this evening. Will watch the last of the special Jeopardy with the computer, and tune into Louisville-Cincinnati. Today was the first day for the Reds pitchers and catchers in Arizona. A lot of upbeat fans here, but as I say, ZERO is the key number … that is the number of 2010 wins that count in 2011. Ah yes, another example of my pragmatism. Thanks for checking in!


  5. Uh-oh, Frank, Watson won! Ya might want to pick up some chrome polish to keep our new “computer overlords” happy!
    Hope all is at least tolerable on your end. Have a good evening!


    • Emma,
      Electronic connections continue to amaze me, let alone there impact on others … and for that I am thankful! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


  6. I missed your Friday Shorts, my friend. I hope all is going as well as circumstances allow. Take care, and as I said, if you need me, I’m here, just call on me.
    Godspeed! 😉


  7. Frank – If you, or any of your Cincinatti area readers, are interested in both baseball and helping a good cause, there will be a special night game for the Cincinnati Reds on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2011. The charity is Honor and Remember, an organisation trying to get the US government to accept a new flag dedicated to ALL who have served their country, and especially those who have died in the line of duty. This charity game has also been changed to a night game, and tickets will be available via mail AND on-line. Honor And Remember are selling $25 tickets in sections 144-146 for $20 each, and $7.50 from each ticket sold will go to the charity for purchasing flags. They are currently accepting orders by mail for the Reds game.

    Orders can be sent to:

    Honor and Remember of Ohio
    P.O. Box 13079
    Hamilton, Ohio 45013

    This is a great cause, and if you have the money and the desire for a good evening of baseball, I highly recommend it. You can check them out at http://www.honorandremember.org/
    Thank you, Frank, for allowing me to hijack your blog for this announcement. And continued best wishes for you for a speedy recovery from your travails, and a smooth road back to us. Take care, my friend – you are sorely missed!


    • John,
      Thanks for the worth announcement of the promo by the Reds. I haven’t seen it publicized yet, but it’ still early. Meanwhile, the travails are still there and the next several weeks could be very telling. Believe me, I want to return to posting soon! Thanks for your support.


      • And apologies for missing your birthday – unless you just want to forget about ’em. If not, a belated Happy Birthday. If so, well, I never heard about you having a birthday, okay? 😉
        Either way, best wishes for you EVERY day, regardless of what day it may be. “Clear skies and fair winds”, and all good things for you. We’re pulling for you! 🙂


        • John,
          As you have been able to tell from your time here, blowing my own horn isn’t in my normal mode of operation. Nonetheless, thanks for the birthday greeting and overall wishes. At this moment, I foresee returning to posting in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, missing out on a wide range of topics currently in the news. Thanks again!


  8. Hello Frank!

    I’ve dropped by David’s blog today and learned that a few days ago… your birthday! Happy belated birthday, Frank!

    When I’ve read your first few lines above, my heart has gone to 🙂 to 😦 … I have no clue what it is that you are going through but whatever it is, I know that it’s going to be alright again after some time.

    You stay strong, okey? And man… that video is awesome. Thanks for sharing. mwah!


  9. Cheerful greetings, Frank! Just thinking of you, and hoping your weekend is graced with moments of joy, relaxation and peace. All my best, my friend…may goodfortune abound in your life.


  10. Once again I am thinking of you Frank…

    “Hold up… hold on… don’t be scared
    You’ll never change what’s been and gone
    May your smile… Shine on… Don’t be scared
    Your destiny may keep you warm.”

    – Oasis quotes-

    At 2012 I have a special birthday message just for you!


  11. Good Monday morning, my friend! Just a quick hello, and hopes that that all is going as well as possible. No need to respond, just know that you’re missed, and I’m looking forward to the next Monday chuckle, whenever that may be. Take care of yourself, hope you stay high and dry, and I’ll drop another post around the end of the week. And as always, if you need anything, just holler.
    Clear roads and green lights to you! (More possible than sailing references, eh?)


    • Good Morning John,
      Many thanks for checking in …. and responding is no problem … heck, it’s actually a pleasure. Not sure when the return will be, but you actually sparked a “phase in” idea. Hope all is well with you!


  12. Hey Frank!

    I understand from reading a message over at 2012 that this may be a pivotal/important week for you. Hope so…meanwhile, please remember YOU and IMPORTANT belong in the same sentence. Have a great week, my friend. Carpe Diem!


  13. Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog and writing some comments. Sometimes, blogging needs to take a backseat. Blogging is not our life anyway. We are not selfish creatures if we place importance on things that need our time and attention first. That’s human response and that’s a way to survive a cruel, fallen world.
    Just do whatever you need to do, we are just here.


  14. I hope you’re going to be alright. If you need to vent and a listening ear, don’t hesitate to e-mail me, Frank. I’m serious.


    • Hi Mckenzie,
      Many thanks … but it just something that I have to get through involving research and then legal advice. But I’m confident that time will take care of things.


  15. Before I pack it in this Friday evening, I will just pop in for a few brief seconds and wish you well. Hope you’re feeling better, hope you’re getting through your travails without too much trouble, and hope next week goes better than this one. And if you want to pass anything legal past me, you would be amazed at how often I have encountered our legal system. (Then again, knowing me, you probably wouldn’t! 😉 )
    Take care, my friend, see you around!


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