Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 87

On David Broder
On Wednesday, we lost Washington Post columnist David Broder to complications with diabetes. I will miss him because of his sensible approach to the problems and issues that he addressed in his columns. Given the crazy atmosphere of the current state of US politics, I (and many others) will miss him. Thank you David Broder for practical view!
Here are two columns about Mr. Broder: one and two.

On a Few GOP Shorts
Is it too much time on their hands, or stupidity? Why else would Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin intensify attacks on First Lady Michelle Obama?

Columnist George Will recently had this interesting column about the GOP presidential nominees.

On the Public Union Debates
The news about public employee unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana has been front page for a few weeks. Regardless what the governors and legislators say about budgets and even school reform, these actions center on union busting. Meanwhile, the number of misinformed inaccuracies I read from the public is staggering. One thing for sure, although commonalities exist, each state is different.

On those Flood Waters
At the moment, the Ohio River is at flood stage. Of course, that has a different meaning to those living in river communities. I grew up in one, so dealing with floodwaters was a spring event that interrupted life in our small town. Hmmm … an idea for a future post.

On Women’s History Month
Until I read this post from fellow blogger (and good guy) Al, I didn’t realized that March is Women’s History Month. I encourage everyone to read this.

On Sports Shorts
Something just isn’t right that Ohio State football players received a stiffer suspension that the coach. Isn’t the coach supposed to know better? Although the NCAA may change that, time will tell if the NCAA also sanctions the university. I think they should, but don’t think they will.

Sports polls are such joke. Unlike football and its debacle known as the BCS, basketball fans roll with the polls because in the end, the one left standing in the March Madness brackets is the undisputed champion.

Baseball season is approaching, thus for me, the return of fantasy baseball. I play for fun. The version I play is free, owners don’t deal with one another, and there is no time-consuming draft. Let me know if you would like to play.

On a Different Event for the Weekend
This weekend we (along with the rest of our handbell choir) will attend a handbell convention for a five-state region. This will be our first time at an event as this, so we don’t know what to expect – plus who knows how many ringers will be there. Nonetheless, we are looking forward to the event.

Here’s a wonderful video of two combined choirs in Korea. They are talented and the piece is fun. You should notice bells, chimes, mallets, and a variety of techniques – so I encourage you to watch and enjoy. Have a good weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 87

  1. AH Magnifique Frank! Al’s favourite, and you know what? I also look forward to your “OPINIONS in the Shorts” after reading your thoughts.. I tune in to your ‘kewl’ video…

    Talk later! Have a great day!


  2. Good to see your shorts again! Um… I meant … aw, heck – good to have you back! 😀
    As far as the politicians, both in this country and others, I’m going to stick with this theory – Chernobyl is leaking, the Ukrainians don’t want to admit it, the Russians don’t know about it, and the radiation has leaked into the jet stream and spread across the world. This would explain the GOP shenanigans, Charlie Sheen, Khaddafi, Berlusconi’s inexplicable belief that there’s nothing improper about a “bunga-bunga” party with under-age girls, the idea of a four-wheel drive four-door Ferrari, and all the “interesting” goings-on in Africa. (It’s poor science, but it DOES cover a lot!).
    And, though I know you are aware of it, a brief moment for the Japanese people in the wake of the earthquake off Sendai, and to any Pacific islanders caught by the ensuing tsunami. May God watch over and protect them all.
    Take care, Frank! I hope your road is smoothing out. Godspeed!


    • John,
      Wow … if anyone could ever connect Momar, Charlie, Sylvio, and the GOP, I knew it was you. I’m impressed.

      The scenes from Japan are simply horrifying. So it’s time for humanity to step up to the plate!

      Thanks for commenting and have a good weekend. BTW …. hope you watched the bell ringing video, which is well done!


      • Well done? I usually prefer my bells medium rare, with just a touch of pink in the middle. 😀
        I’m working my way to the video. Got a couple more news sites to work through. There’s a nuclear power plant in Japan, whose cooling system “is not working to full expectations”. Maybe I shouldn’t be telling jokes about Chernobyl ……..


    • CCC,
      In David Broder, we lost a sensible giant in journalism. And as you well know, sensible seems to have lost favor to partisan. Great hearing from you and I hope all is going well with you. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Hey, Frank, hope your Sunday’s going well. No pressure, just a simple question – will you be posting again tomorrow? I sure hope so – “Top Gear”‘s season finale is tomorrow, and knowing I won’t get my usual weekly dose of insanity, I’m looking for a substitute. Your usual Monday chuckle should fill the bill nicely! 🙂
    Take care, and hope all’s well on your end. Talk to ya soon, I hope!


    • Hello John,
      I will have a Monday Morning Entertainment post, but I’m not sure if the post will go up Sunday night or Monday morning. Oh my … I’m creating havoc with your planning.


    • Hey, as long as it’s sometime Sunday night/Monday morning, no problem. It ain’t like I got a job, or somewhere to be…. 😉
      You just post whenever you get to it. And have a good rest-of-your-Sunday, ya hear? I’ll catch ya whenever. 🙂


  4. The distinguished gentleman from Ohio wrote:

    “On Women’s History Month
    Until I read this post from fellow blogger (and good guy) Al, I didn’t realized that March is Women’s History Month. I encourage everyone to read this.”

    THANK YOU, No.1! and I share your sentiments about David Broder, though I was a bit miffed initially with his tough round of questions with then presidential candidate George H. W. Bush in the late 80’s.


    • Al,
      In a recent tribute to David Broder, they showed is questions to Bush 41. More intriguing were his questions to Ross Perot. Thanks for commenting. Meanwhile, hope everything works out for you.


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