On some Spam for Monday

Anyone with email knows about spam. Although very annoying, I do get amusement from the subject line. Bloggers also deal with spam as spammers relentlessly try to get their comments posted. Whether it be for email or this blog, hooray for filters.

Whereas there is spam, there also is SPAM. Brought into this world in 1937 by Hormel, today’s SPAM comes in a variety of versions as classic, lite, less sodium, hickory smoked, with bacon, with cheese, hot and spicy, single classic, single lite, spread, and oven-roasted turkey.

SPAM’s official website, spam.com, provides numerous resources as product information, games, music, history, trivia, recipes, recipe exchanges, festivals, and countless gift ideas for the hard-to-buy-for person. If you are ever in Austin, MN, don’t forget the SPAM Museum!

You are probably wondering, “What does spam and SPAM have to do with Monday Morning Entertainment?” Well, not only is SPAM a canned classic, it is also the centerpiece for this classic comedy bit. Have a good week!

19 thoughts on “On some Spam for Monday

  1. As of the moment, I have 1,409 spam emails and counting. I have already deleted hundreds of them a month ago and they just keep on growing. Spammers just do not give up, ‘eh?

    By the way, hello Frank! I am happy to know that you are in a good mood… at least I think. *wink*

    The Spam menu on the other hand has made me go crazy! Wahhh. But I do want bacon-spam with spam, spam and spam with egg, too! Oh my!

    Gotta visit that Spam museum one day!

    And oh.. Go vikings!

    Take care and have an awesome week, Frank!


    • Maxi,
      It’s always good to hear from Sweden, where the winter thaw is approaching. All well here and glad you like Monty Python’s take on the Vikings. Have a good week!!!!


      • Finally, spring is in the air. Snow’s slowly waving goodbye. Yipee! Spring.. then my favorite… summer. SAd that summer’s barely 3 weeks long and some weeks are still cold 😦 But it’s okey. For as long as summer is still in the map, I will be happy about it.

        Good to know that all is well! You, too. Have a great week!


        • Maxi … great that you can sense that spring is in the air and summer is on the way … and to be able to do that with snow still on the Swedish ground is impressive. 🙂 thanks for the update!


  2. You DO realise that listing turkey Spam is a form of blasphemy? And be careful when mentioning Spam around a WW2 or Korean vet. It will evoke a reaction of either boundless love, or a long, slow, agonising death! In my father’s case, it was the former, which resulted in many a family vacation starting each day, 100 miles from the motel we had slept in, huddled around a picnic table, freezing our butts off while Dad grilled up the Spam on a Coleman camp stove. (His other leftover behaviour from the Army – reveille was always 0-dark-30, and I emphasise DARK! In civilian terms, that means TOO DANG EARLY!! :D)
    It’s kinda ironic. I’ll go to my grave loving Spam, but Spam will probably help get me there sooner! C’est la guerre!
    Have a good Monday and a good week. Here’s hoping all is going well on your end of the world. See ya around!


  3. Yuck “SPAM” in a can or in the “SPAM” bin “Canadian Pharmacy,” hyping itself as “the #1 Internet Online Drugstore…wtf? many of these ads are in Russian.

    Anyhoo what gives with that?

    Thanks for the chuckle, yeh it’s annoying!

    Happy Buzzard Day on the ides of March, tomorrow Frank!


    • Meesh,
      Oh how the SPAM bin can get annoying. But I admit to checking it daily because “needed” emails can make it to the bin. In terms of the canned meat, I can’t recall the last time I had the stuff – but Monty Python is so off the wall!

      Thanks for stopping by … and Happy Buzzard Day!


      • Hi Frank,

        Believe it or not a friend of mine buys and eats canned SPAM…he loves the stuff.

        I just remember it is a kid trying to jazz it up, just couldn’t do it. I sure couldn’t find anything good about it… I recall a sandwich where it was cut really thick, I still gag about that.

        I am not a Monty Python fan, has to do with Monty Python’s Life of Brian, also known as “Life of Brian”… long story, anyway I will watch your video.

        Have a fabulous Buzzard Day in Ohio!


  4. Top of the Morning to ya, Frank! Have a great week my friend! Off to read my favorite–your well-written “Opinions in the Shorts”–Woohoo!!!


    • Mackenzie,
      SPAM is not for everyone … but it’s those who love the stuff also purchase the hats, shirts, and other novelties. So hey … there’s a present idea for your nephew! Thanks for visiting!


  5. Frank- Looking forward to whatever you’ll bless us with on Friday. And if you hear anything from Al, please pass that on to me? I wanted to leave well-wishes, but it appears the comments are closed on 2012 – Hat-Tip.
    May Friday be a day of turnarounds, granting a solution to the nuclear crisis in Japan, to the military crisis in Libya, and to whatever personal crises dog two of my favourite online personalities, Al and yourself. Good luck and Godspeed, my friends!
    p.s. Not to influence you, Frank, but if maybe you could mention the techs in the Japanese reactor complex, bravely fighting against meltdown and catastrophe? I have a few words I’d like to say, and if you’re willing, I’ll borrow your bully pulpit. Thank you VERY much, my friend.


    • Good Evening John. You happen to catch me up late watching UC basketball.

      Regarding Al, I can tell you that he’s ok … no health or family issues. He’ll return! Shorts will go up in the morning. Have a good night of slumber.


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