Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 89

On Political Shorts
As our politicians muddle and haggle their way through budget decisions and handling the government’s deficit, I remind everyone that both major parties are not in fiscal order. In fact, the Republican National Committee has a greater debt than the Democrats National Committee.

This past Wednesday, potential GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that the first thing he would do is repeal the healthcare bill. Hmmm … hey Mitt! What about that Massachusetts plan?

The battle between the state house and public employees in Wisconsin is well known. We’ve also seen similar situations in Ohio, Indiana, and others. An action by Maine Governor LePage caused a “huh?” Read this interesting post from former cabinet member Robert Reich. Thanks to Don in Mass for the heads up. Then see this post from Nonnie.

If you didn’t see this interview with Veronica de La Cruz about health care, it is worth your time. Thanks WriteChic for making me aware of this interview.

On a Streetcar
The debate by the city of Cincinnati officials regarding a streetcar project is over a year old. Regardless of the condition of federal and state budgets, the reason I’ve been against this $128 million dollar project is simple. Today, most downtowns are centers of commerce, so most investments should center on increasing (or at least keeping) employment.

As noted on these pages before, we take ballroom dance lessons and enjoy Dancing with the Stars. A reminder, I thought that having Bristol Palin on last year was a mistake, and my worst fears almost happened. Shortly before the announcement of the latest cast, the decision makers asked former Delaware senator candidate Christine O’Donnell to participate. Fortunately, she declined – but if she would have accepted, I would not have watched this season until she was off.

On a Water Bill
Over the past year or so, we purchased a water-efficient clothes washer and replaced two original, 23-year-old toilets. Interestingly, we have seen a decrease in our water usage. Our choices were the GE WHRE5550 and a Kohler Cimarron.

On a Sheen Tactic
Charlie Sheen has been in his share of news in recent months – actually too much. By never mincing words in his posts, Beeze says that Sheen’s antics are an act – which I admit, is something I didn’t consider.

Have a good weekend everyone. Here’s a music sendoff for you, which also is well synced with the animations. Besides, Z likes this group.

10 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 89

  1. Good Friday morning, Frank! Hope you ain’t TOO cold today!
    I’ll skip the first one – I’ll make more commentary if they ever do legal reform in the medical community.
    I’m pro streetcars, and two I’m familiar with, SF and Toronto, they seem to work. But I haven’t checked their books! 🙂
    My only hope for DWTS is Kirstie Alley kicks butt. I’ve followed her career since a little-known TV series called “Masquerade”, and I think she’s great. Then again, I AM biased, thinking Star Trek 2:Wrath Of Khan was one of THE greatest movies of all time, and loved her Saavik. (I hated Robin Curtis” turn as Saavik, but met Robin at a con and found her a delightful lady.)
    I’ve heard that concept, that Charlie is playing us and the media for his own gains. I hope he’s just that cold – I’d hate to think he’s gotten himself THAT screwed up.
    As to your water bill, it’s HOW you use it, not what you use. (No dirty jokes!) CFLs are the only “what” thing I use, especially for the hard-to-reach ceiling fan lights. As to water, put in a cheap hand-hose that you can shut off while you soap or shampoo. Do the usual suggestions of cold-water clothes washing, don’t run water while dish-scrubbing and tooth-brushing, and let nature water your lawn. Or for dramatically improved savings, wait until your neighbor leaves town on vacation, hook a hose to his outdoor faucet, bury it in the ground, and use that for all your needs! 😀
    Have a good Friday and a great Weekend!


    • Hello John,
      Cheers … Kirstie was a sexy Saavik!

      On the water bill. Sorry, but it’s a two-prong factor: what and how. In our house, it’s the two of us. Sure we can change habits, but equipment also matters.

      As for the streetcars, Cincinnati is far from being a San Francisco or Toronto.

      Thanks for commenting and have a good weekend. FYI: Next week could bring more posts!


  2. hey, afa! thanks for the link over to the raisin. 😀

    the rethugs have cemented their image as the party of no. they don’t seem to stand for anything, they just hate everything the dems are doing and have no workable alternatives. i think we need some optimism, and their gloomy gus attitude isn’t going to be successful. at least, i hope not.

    i was totally surprised by kirstie alley. she really can dance. however, i’m in ralph macchio’s corner. i saw his rehearsal footage and thought he might be one of the first to go, but i was shocked by his performance. he was fabulous!

    i don’t think charlie sheen is faking it. it had occurred to me early on, but i don’t think even an egotistical asswipe like charlie would allow his children to be taken away from him for the sake of a stunt or for money. i don’t think his parents would go along with it either.


    • Hey Hey Nonnie. Well to my place. The link for the timing was perfect as I had just read about the actions in Maine. Plus, I gotta plug your talent. 🙂

      Ralph Macchio was a pleasant surprise on DWTS. I don’t really care for Carina as I don’t find her very likeable for me. But the lady can dance! I’ve been watching since Season 2, and we involved with ballroom dance lessons because of DWTS.

      Good point regarding Charlie. Either way, he is a piece of work.

      Thanks for dropping by … and please do so any time!


  3. Thank you for mentioning the Robert Reich story that I posted about the Maine governor.

    I also added you to my blog roll, and find your blog very interesting. Keep up the good work.


    • Don,
      Cheers to a first-time visitor!!! … and I will add you to my blogroll as well. Many thanks. In terms of topics, I’m all over the board. Come back soon. Thanks for visiting.


  4. Oh, c’mon, Cincinnati ain’t that little! I will give you that San Fran does have the streetcar tradition, and Toronto did a fair amount of “grunt work” traffic studies and building/sidewalk/tourist-trap layout reviews. And like I said, I haven’t checked their financials.
    Boy, we didn’t see any significant savings despite some upgrades to the toilets and showers, both here and back in the Chicago area. We did save a small bit, but it was cutting WAY back on the dishwasher usage that showed the best savings. Then again, both the wife and I come from homes using wells, so we were pretty tight to begin with!
    Oh, and if you’re a green thumb and want to be REALLY tight on the water, you can always dump the dish water into a bucket, rather than down the drain, and use it to water your plants. (We did that on the trailer we lived in for a while, and were gonna do it here until the sewer line came in.)
    Not willing to explore the “using the neighbor’s water” concept, eh? Coward! 😀
    Have a good weekend, and stay warm!


    • John,
      Big and little is relative as to compared to what. Cincinnati is big compare to Gnadenhutten, but small compared to Chicago … just include it in the long list of cities with downtowns that struggle outside of being a M-F, daytime commerce center. Gotta run … stuff to do on the stove. Have a good rest of the weekend. Maybe I’ll be able to start your Monday on Sunday night! 🙂


  5. O’Donnel is a coward
    hopefully her career in politics is done
    lost respect for her when Mahr tried to get him on his HBO show and even ran clips of her crazy ass on his ABC show to entice her
    to no avail


    • CCC,
      Fortunately, with the election over, Ohio is far enough away that I don’t hear much about O’Donnell. She is good at getting people to scratch their head! Thanks for commenting.


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