Opinions in the Shorts: Vol 91


On DOTY Nominations are Open
The first quarter of 2011 has ended, so it’s time to accept 2011 Dolts of the Year nominations. I nominate Terry Jones, Charlie Sheen, and Lindsay Lohan.

On Baseball’s Opening Week & College Basketball
Brewer broadcaster and great personality Bob Uecker is great to quote. On attending his 56th consecutive season opener: “Still not in the starting lineup.” On gaining weight following his illness: “I’m back to 190. That was my sitting weight when I played.”

This is from a Cincinnati Gazette editorial over 110 years ago. ”The baseball mania has run its course. It has not future as a professional endeavor.”

VCU and Butler in the Final Four was great for college basketball. Butler in the finals was great for college basketball. Butler winning would have been great for college basketball. In other words, all elitists can stick it in their ear – plus congratulations UConn on your great run and for beating Kentucky!

On Politics
Meanwhile, columnist David Brooks had an interesting view of the Rep Ryan’s [R-WI] proposed budget.

Sarah Palin said the US is spending $600 million per day in Libya. Secretary of Defense Gates said the bill was $550 million to date. I wonder who is lying.

Newt Gingrich continues to seek approval from the religious right by asking them to forgive him for his transgressions. If Newt really gave a hoot, he would publically forgive Bill Clinton not only for his transgressions, but Mr. Gingrich would seek forgiveness for all the words he said in the 90s about President Clinton’s immorality.

The US Supreme Court will eventually determine the fate of health care legislation. Here is a solution to appease this disenchanted by getting the government out of the business. Everyone against the legislation could purchase insurance for any uninsured. What a novel idea!

On a Local Convention Snafu
Cincinnati hosted a convention last weekend of homeschoolers. Interestingly, the Creation Museum is located near the city. The convention cancelled Dr. Ken Ham, from Answers in Genesis (who built and operates the museum), for behavior that was deemed as unkind, not gracious, unprofessional, ungrateful, and divisive.

On some Blogs
Thanks to Nancy for discovering this graphic illustrating 5000 years of Middle East history in 90 seconds.

Padre Steve is a Navy chaplain who shares his experiences from the military, politics, faith, baseball, and life. Here’s worth a visit.

Thanks to Don in Mass for exchanging links and providing good, short posts to ponder.

In the land of Uterusia, the home to Hysterical Raisins, Nonnie wrote lyrics for It’s My Uterus (to the Bill Withers tune Just the Two of Us). Such a Uteropian response to a political comment in Florida. To full appreciate the lyrics, click her video to hear Bill Wither’s original tune.

On a Movie
Last weekend we saw The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon. It’s a fast-moving drama that will hold your attention; plus it will get you thinking.

21 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol 91

  1. 1) On DOTY nominations, ya gotta have Boner…er…. Bonehead … er …. Boehner in there somewhere.
    2) And Baseball has never BEEN a professional endeavour. Baseball is the greatest amateur gathering of VERY highly paid wannabes. After all, what other sport pays you HUGE amounts of money to succeed one time in 3 or 4?
    3) And if Palin told me the sky was blue, I’d walk outside to check. I won’t say she’s lying. CLUELESS, yes, but not lying…
    4) Sorry, you’ll never sell me on Creationism or Intelligent Design. I’ll support belief in a supreme deity, but there’s just too much (in my opinion) to support Darwin. It’s the scientist in me. 🙂
    5) Padre Steve is great. You have to tolerate his obsession with baseball (just like a certain blogger on this site, right, FRANK?!?), but he’s funny, thoughtful, serious, and occasionally quite caustic, while never rude and always polite. He’s who I want to be when I grow up. 😉
    6) Sorry, can’t afford to go see movies. I’ll check it out when it hits cable. Though I have troubles with “reality control” concepts, considering I personally ride herd on at least 3 realities of my own, not to mention this bit of science fiction called SE Ohio……


    • John,
      Thanks for the DOTY nominations. I’m only collecting ideas, then present the awards in late December. Which means there is a lot of time for more people to step up to the plate!

      Good words about Padre Steve. BTW, you should visit Nonnie at Hysterical Raisins so you can become a raisinette. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


      • Larry (and actually John too),

        I mention the Creation Museum because of the homeschool convention that was in town. I know this is a stereotype, but I would think that a high percentage of homeschool parents would be supportive of the Creation Museum. (Then again, that is my opinion) … thus the reason why I found the un-invitation so interesting.

        Besides, this blog well documents my agreement with your position. thanks for commenting.


        • I hate to say this, Frank, but I really like Larry’s answer! Maybe I’ve been working with the church across the street too much – or letting you left-wing lunatics chip away at my conservative decency! (Heck, even I can’t sell that last line with a straight face. :D)


        • John,
          I know that … to get a fuller appreciation of my thoughts, go into the Religion and Science category on the sidebar.Besides, you know I’m doing more of that on Wednesdays. Thanks!


    • (This is from a Cincinnati Gazette editorial over 110 years ago. ”The baseball mania has run its course. It has not future as a professional endeavor.”)

      See, I have been doing predictions for over a century


  2. And 2 quick points. First, you told Nonnie I work well with you semi-demented people. Bear in mind, that’s because I’m TOTALLY demented. 😀
    And you make 300 topics I’ve posted to with my new Omnicity Email account! Since my old Email hit over 200, that means I’ve annoyed people on over 500 different topics! Amazing one schmuck can bring so much misery into so many people’s lives! Ain’t technology wonderful? 😉


    • CCC,
      Since I missed your best broadcasters piece, that mean I better get my hide over to read it. Since your research is always top notch, I look forward to it. Glad to know that our HOF radio announcer made it! Cincinnati loves him! Thanks for commenting.


  3. You gotta love the Uecker quotes. That guy is one of the funniest celebrities of all-time!

    I liked that Butler and VCU made the Final Four as well. I was hoping Butler could take it all this year, but UConn took the game away from them. I couldn’t watch the Final Four games because of attending WWE events in Atlanta.

    Have a good one man!


    • Mr Funk Oh Kind Sir,

      Ueck is a classic in many ways. Definitely funny … but also a good announcer. … and to think VCU barely got into the tourney! Great season for the Rams. Hope all went well in Atlanta, which means I need to stop by to see if your post on the event. Hope all is well in NC & thanks for visiting.


    • Nonnie,
      You are more than welcome. John will be reading these comments, so I’m sure he will become bring his demented nature to you soon. Have a good weekend & I’m honored by your visits.


  4. Hey Frank!

    Yet another great post…sounds like “The Adjustment Bureau” with Matt Damon sounds like an interesting thriller. Thanks for sharing the trailer…and kudos to all the interesting blogs you highlighted. Well done my friend. Have a great week!


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