On a Philosophical Washington

With the recent budget discussion in our rear-view mirror and with seemingly more difficult budget discussions in the days ahead, political pundits on both sides are making their case about who won the last round, who has the upper hand for future discussion, and so on.

Hmmm. President Obama appoints a budget commission that releases a report that he neither endorsed or condemned. Then, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) releases a budget that is probably from a conservative think-tank that promotes the GOP. Of course, we also have the Gang of Six believing they can develop a compromising budget in a partisan atmosphere.

President Obama wants Congress to raise the debt ceiling, something that he voted against as a senator. As the GOP continues to portray itself as budget hawks, they continue to fail to accept the responsibility for the 2000-2006 deficit growth. Yet the Democrats attempt to be rational cutters while failing to own up to their spending habits.

I say – blah, blah, blah. As Washington attempts to give the public the impression they are working toward finding a solution, let us remember that their primary concern is their re-election bids and their party’s bankroll.  The majority of Americans want our national government to seek meaningful solution, yet Washington continues to be all about the party  – thus delivering the message that playing politics is paramount to delivering solution.

What if they made an effort to think, discuss, listen, and work toward meaningful solutions? What if Washington took a philosopher’s approach to problem solving? Then again, just as in this gathering of famous philosophers, the outcome still produced winners, losers, and disputes.


12 thoughts on “On a Philosophical Washington

  1. If I really thought that sitting both houses of Congress down to a philosophy session would generate anything of value, I’d say run with it. However, with the VOLUMINOUS quantity of global warming that it would create, might I suggest a reconciliation cruise? Get em all on a nice, shiny big boat and float ’em out into the Atlantic. I’m sure I could find a contact in one of the European militaries, who wouldn’t mind a little live-fire torpedo practice….. 😀
    Then again, with the temperament of the current Congress, I might suggest (OMG! Another Sci-Fi Movie!) a “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” style cage match. “535 people enter, one person leaves”, to paraphrase the crowd’s chant. Then restart Congress from scratch!
    Oh, sorry, too bloody? How about locking them inside the building, and pumping in a little “grass” smoke? Betcha they could pass a budget REAL quick to get out for a run to White Castle! 😉


    • John,
      I knew I could count on you for ideas. Love the one with torpedo practice. As I’ve said before, if I could vote to kick all of them out, I would. If the next batch is no better, out again. Thanks for the creativity!

      PS: I hope you watched the video, which cracks me up.


    • FishHawk,
      Now there is a good analogy. In the last presidential campaign, Sen McCain used the “country first” phrase. Although he very much acts in a “party first” mode, he is no different than the rest of Washington …. which is in dire need of a country first attitude. Thanks for commenting … and John has many ideas!


  2. Why don’t we have them spend some quality time in run down parts of different cities, like Harlem in NYC, most of Detroit, and so and so forth. Also, let them live on minimum wage, food stamps, and above all else, pay for their own health care. After a few weeks of living like that, maybe, just maybe they will come to their senses.


  3. Blah, blah, blah…that’s all I hear, too, when I hear ANY political figure speak these days. Blahblahbladeebadeeblah.



    • Mckenzie,
      Along with exaggeration and misrepresentation of the facts, “Blah blah blah” has always been a part of politics. But with today’s lack of common ground, it is more apparent. Meanwhile, hope all is well and thanks for visiting!


  4. what they need to do is first take away every perk that congresscritters get. no more free haircuts, and no doctor on call, and especially no health insurance. they’ll have to shop around just like everyone else or go without health care. then, figure out what the median income is for each district. that’s the salary that each one of them has to live on. some will get more, some less, depending on how wealthy the people in their districts are. all congresscritters will live in a dorm when they’re in dc. their travel to their districts will be the only thing they get reimbursed for, but they have to find the cheapest rates. of course, they’ll be able to get raises, but only when the median income in their districts goes up. that will be their incentive to make life better for the poorest people.


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