Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 93

On the Most Important
Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the tornadoes across the south.

On Political Shorts
Count me in as one of the disappointed when President Obama released his birth certificate. I enjoyed watching people make fools of themselves, but alas – at least they can still do that. Meanwhile, birthers may be a new low point in US politics.

Congratulations to Mr. Trump on achieving a “will definitely not vote for” rating in the range of Sarah Palin. (USA Today/Gallup poll) Donald the Ronald McDonald loves the spotlight and will milk it for all that it’s worth. Politically, he is a buffoon, yet he should be proud of reaching the level of the nincompoop.

Speaking of the nincompoop, she recently mocked Katie Couric. The nincompoop must still be bitter about her own inability to answer simple questions.

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) seeming is leaving the door open to ceasing government subsidies to oil companies. I wonder, with their profits, why do they receive subsidies? Oh, I forgot – it is effective lobbying!

David Brooks had this interesting column about disconnection and the current political climate. Remember all the comments about political discourse after the Gifford’s shooting? Ah yes, nothing like a short memory.

Former Democratic candidate Gary Hart writes why he is a republican.

Last Sunday’s This Week (ABC) devoted the entire show to “God and Government”. It was an enlightening hour, of which I may write about in the future.

I’m just about to the point of saying it’s time to remove ourselves from Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

On Short Shorts
This season of Dancing with the Stars has been a pleasant surprise. After all, most of the cast is likable and their abilities are close.

New York State deems Red Rover, Freeze Tag, and other kids games as dangerous, thus a need for regulation. What?

Ohio State football fans are defending Coach Tressell (for lying to the NCAA investigators).What if the university fires him AND the NCAA bans him from coaching for the number of years remaining on his OSU contract? Wouldn’t that be an interesting message! (I must be dreaming.)

We Cincinnatians have not only had the wettest April on record; and it may become our wettest month ever on record! Come on rain!

Congratulations to me. April 2011 was the blogs best month ever! On the other hand,  this week’s numbers are trending downward.

How could I forget this – but congratulations to Prince William and Kate. This gift of a short bit of British humor is a fitting. Hope everyone as a safe weekend.

23 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 93

  1. Wow! All great stuff, and not much more I can add. You know my hawkish leanings, and while I am no fan of seeing innocent civilians killed, I think Libya was definitely “A War Too Far” (props to Cornelius Ryan, and Richard Attenborough). It HAS served as an interesting test of the EU’s ability to project force – a test which, being generous, they’ve earned a D+, or C- at best. Not to mention the current spat between France and Italy – not much union in the EU these days.
    With all due respect to any OSU fans out there, the hypocrisy of this whole football scandal is stunning. If this stuff had happened at U of I Chambana, the Illini coach would’ve been booted on the spot. Listening to Columbus news stations inventing excuses has been an education for me. Too bad the participants aren’t the ones learning lessons, like Morals 101.
    DWTS? Go Kirstie! 😀
    And Frank, if your numbers trend too low, let me know. I have a few spare Emails (and personalities to match) who can give your numbers a boost. And I’m sure the wife could recruit you extra numbers as well. Shoot, we can even get you overseas numbers if you want. It’s all about the ballot box, my friend! 😉


    • John,
      I covered a lot on this one … and I remained confident that you would add your share. 🙂 In terms of numbers, any blogger wants more. Nonetheless, this downward trend causes a frown.

      As we both know, Europe is naturally unstable by its very design – that is, the amount of different cultures in a relatively small area.

      Thanks for sharing!


      • Now, now, don’t go getting depressed on me, we have two happy events today! Our beloved (okay, MY beloved) William and Catherine had a beautiful wedding, and Glenn Beck got the old heave-ho! Okay, so the shuttle launch is scrubbed until Monday at the earliest, but hey – that way Commander Gifford gets to spend time with his wife at the Cape. See? It’s ALL golden!
        (Are ya happy now? Can I quit all this freakin’ happy crap?!?) 😀


        • John,
          Oh no … no depressing at this end. Well, I guess the one bummer is that Mr. Giffords goes by Mark Kelly. (I couldn’t resist). And it was a beautiful wedding this morning. Her walk down the aisle was my favorite part. SO …. snap out of it and return to your off-beat, crank state! 🙂


        • Boy oh boy. I go outta MY way to make YOU feel better, and you pick out ONE little brain fart on my behalf? Typical, bloody typical! Ungrateful little …….
          (Stomps off w/ limp, grumbling under his breath)


        • Careful, my friend. The word “normal” has never been used to apply to me – at least, not without the modifiers “not” or “ab-“……. 😉


  2. For better or worse, well for worse, I don’t think you have to worry about the birthers going away. I’m sure something is “suspect” about this birth certificate also. Plus there is now the “controversy” about President Obama’s grades and how he got into Harvard. As if that actually had anything to do with his fitness to be president.
    At the end of the day, it’s simply embarrassing for our nation and reinforces my personal rule- never get into a discussion with crazy people or drunks, it is annoying and non productive.


  3. Great Job! Your Shorts 93 was a feast for those of us wondering where the Independent-Moderate vote is headed on the many important issues you addressed.


    • Izzy,
      Nincompoop is wonderful description of the Nincompoop. (Hope you read the linked post about the term). Opinions in the Shorts is a Friday staple, as is the Monday Morning Entertainment (which states your week with something different, thus hopefully starting the week with a smile). Thanks for visiting!


      • Um… Frank, your Monday and Friday posts are STAPLES, not stables. Unless that’s your Freudian slip showing! 😉


  4. GOOD Morning, Frank!

    Thanks for yet another interesting and informative “Opinions in the Shorts”! Makes for good reading–double thumbs up!


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