On Spring into Spring

Turning the page from April to May, which also means the activities of spring shift into another gear. As we Cincinnatians survived the wettest April on record (and also missed the all-time wettest month ever by 0.16 inches), May will be the month of mulch and plantings. Of course, around here, the rule is not to plant before Mother’s Day. May will also be a time to reacquaint as neighbors seek the outdoor glories of home maintenance.

Life in communities and cities will also increase, although places as New York City and Chicago take hustle-and-bustle to another level. With that in mind, for your Monday Morning Entertainment, see the buildings and landmarks of NYC come spring to life in this fun video, which will bring a smile. Since I cannot embed the “Spring City” video here, click this to see the musical video on the New York Times website. Meanwhile, a special thanks to Tim for passing this along to me. Have a good week.