Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 95

On the Big Picture of Life
As people take the time to argue politics, sports, religion, and whatever, let us not forget the trials recently encountering humanity as tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, and general distress. A special note to a 4-year old daughter of a friend who is battling epilepsy and healing from a recent surgery. If only the world was as happy as she is each day.

On Politics
This week I didn’t post my normal Tuesday prose about politics because I don’t see much going on – well, nothing beyond the normal rhetoric – and the GOP side is getting worse. They have missed read the 2010 election as bad as the Democrats did in 2008.

I normally pass read columnist EJ Dionne, but this one about the auto bailouts is a good one.

I also normally skip Paul Krugman too, but I liked this one as it captured my mood for the week.

Columnist David Brooks helps keep me grounded, and this week’s column about the unemployed is worth reading.

I, and others, feel that Massachusetts’ health care is Mitt Romney’s albatross. Now that his tap dance routine is underway, the Wall Street Journey chimes in with its take.

Newt Gingrich tossing his hat into the GOP presidential nomination ring does nothing for me. As numerous politicos boast about his intellect, I wonder why it did not stop him from doing or saying stupid things.

The Tea Party called Speaker Boehner a “RINO” this week. Personally, I hope they take their ball and then go elsewhere. After all, if they have as much power as they believe, they should be successful on their own.

On the Potpourri
I was disappointed in the April of my beloved Cincinnati Reds. Maybe the recent return of two starting pitchers will help. RH hitting is still a concern.

Here’s a request I never imagined: Atheist chaplains in the military.

For anyone wanted a good dose of economics regarding cap and trade versus a carbon tax, this Bruce the Economist post will make your mouth water.

Nonnie, the creative one behind Hysterical Raisins, gives this eye-opening view of school vouchers.

For anyone enjoying images from space, visit the Chandra X-Ray Observatory site. Simply awesome!

Monday’s post focused on a frequent visitor here, and I thank John for being a good sport. If anyone missed this fabulous interview with John Erickson by Jamie, here it is.

Here’s a timeless post I published in February 2009 about special vacation moments. Give it a read, and feel free to add your special moments.

To take you into the weekend, here’s a stunning video. Have a enjoyable and safe weekend.