On the All-Time Als

Al is short for Allan, Allen, Alan, Albert, Alfred, Alphose, Alfonzo, and Aloysius – but some of the aforementioned never attach to the short form, so this post is about Al.

I have a great long-time friend since our college days named Al, but also a comparatively newer blog friend who is also kind and Al. Al Jarreau, Al Green, Al Dimeola, Al Hirt, and Al Yankovic give us music as Al Capone delivered terror. Al Roker treats us with reports about weather and food, and Al Capp served the world of comics – but there is no reference to anyone named Al Paca.

Politics has placed the spotlight on Al Gore, Al Sharpton, and Al Franken. Meanwhile, different screens served as venues for Al Pacino, Al Bundy, and Al McGuire – but the History Channel does not include a great named Al X Ander. Simply put, this post is about a team competing as the Als of Summer on a baseball diamond.

On first glance, with three hall of famers and numerous all-stars, one would get them in the upper echelon. No way because this team does not have the pitching depth necessary – especially the starting pitching. However, these Als is good enough to be respectable and out-distance the All-Time Randys. Then again, most teams have.

To see the All-Time Randys and other all time teams, see Categories in the right-side sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams or click here.

Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Als. (Note: AS=All-Star, HOF = Hall of Fame)

1B – Al Rosen (AS)
2B – Al Dark (AS)
SS – Al Bridwell
3B – Al Smith (AS)
C – Al Lopez (HOF)
OF – Al Kaline (HOF)
OF – Al Simmons (HOF)
OF – Al Oliver (AS)
DH – Al Cowens

SP – Al Leiter (AS)
SP – Al Downing (AS)
SP – Al Benton (AS)
SP – Al Smith (AS)
SP – Al Maul
RP – Al Hrabosky
RP – Al Worthington
RP – Al Holland (AS)
RP – Al Brazle

Bench – Al Bumbry (AS), Al Evans, Al Luplow, Al Martin, and Al Zarilla

Mgr – Al Spalding (HOF)

35 thoughts on “On the All-Time Als

  1. How could you forget “mama’s boy” Al Jolson? Or Scotch on the (folk) rock Al Stewart? And what a gas to include Al Unser – you pick which one! 😀
    I shoulda known you’d go from sci/theo to baseball. If your next post is about religion and science IN baseball, I’d suggest investing in bullet-proof underwear! 😉
    And a tip of the hat to our blogging friend Al. (I don’t know your college friend, sorry.)


    • John,
      I don’t claim to get all the Als, but your additions are good ones & surprised I didn’t include them. I always cheered for the Unsers and have a wonderful collection of Al Stewart on a cassette that I can’t play anymore. Plus now I know that my challenge for next Thursday is no science & theology and no baseball. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Good morning Frank!

    Al could also be short for…

    In French Alan is “ALAIN”.

    Oh yeah “Aloysius” something about that name that grates on my nerves.

    And Al’s “A-L-A-N-N-A” uh ohs! Perhaps let’s forget that one. LOL

    Great post Frank, have a great one!


      • GOOD Afternoon, Frank!

        Yes, no question–hands down, my distinguished Ohioan friend, I love this post. Classic you at your very best. Thanks for the plug, and for your genuine friendship and class act.

        Seems a bright and beautiful friend of mine has reminded me of a time when my coach decided to light a fire under me when he thought I wasn’t given my best effort. So, he fell back on his psychology degree and called me out in font of my teammates, addressing me as, gulp, “Alana” instead of Alan. Suffice it to say it worked like a charm, Frank. Better get going…have a safe and wonderful weekend.


        • Al,
          Glad you saw this … and I knew you would appreciate it – especially being a baseball fan. And, I can say with a high degree of confidence, no “Alana”s have played MLB … well, at least to date. Thanks for commenting.


        • Frank,

          Yeh Al Gore used this song while he was running for Vice President of the USA in 1992. .

          There’s sort of a significance with that particular video, Chevy Chase lip-synching the vocals while Simon pretending to play various instruments. I read that most videos at the time were “Performance Videos,” meaning the bands would pretend to be playing the song.

          This video was performed purposely that way and did a good job at mocking the videos of the time… only as Chevy Chase could do.

          There were actually two videos done for this song. The one with Chevy Chase, and the other one featured just Paul Simon.

          I love the way Simon appears to be upset with what Chase is doing during the video. It makes me laugh every time I watch it.


        • Meesh,
          Thanks for the tidbits about the video as well … ah ha …. thus things I didn’t know. This is one of my fav videos of that era too & always cracked up when seeing it. Good news is that the U of Cincinnati band always plays the song at football and basketball games …. which means I appreciate the reminder to the video. Thanks for sharing!!!!!


        • Meesh,
          Many thanks for the reminder …. and consider it done! I say a reminder because I had thought of that, but forgot. (Must of thought of it in the shower or when daydreaming.). 🙂


  3. I really like your format. You’ve got a knack for combining the thoughtful with the whimsical/humorous. Anybody named Aloysius to possibly make your list? And the infamous, although fictional “Ally Oop.” Also, thanks for the comments on my blog, too.


    • David,
      Welcome and thanks for the kind words. Interestingly, their is an Aloysius … Al Simmons. However, I believe only 10 or so with a given first name of Aloysius have made it to the bigs … yet 47 or so have done so with Aloysius as a middle name.

      By the way, knowing your interests, you may enjoy my Wed posts that have been focusing on the science/theology interchange. Thanks for visiting & hope you return.

      PS: And because of your note about Aloysius, I have added it to the post.


  4. I am glad you listed the 3 stooges of Prominent Als , Al Gore, Al Sharpton, and Al Franken. Although Gore should be disqualified because he is an Albert .


  5. Frank,

    Speaking of baseball…have you seen Word Press’ Newest Post?

    They’ve introduce four (4) new themes. The post is called “Batters Up: Major League Baseball Now on WordPress.com

    You can also customize each of the MLB themes with your favorite team’s colors and logo.

    I immediately thought of you and Al… one theme countering the other one. LOL


    • Meesh,
      Very cool … and I imagine those themes will be used … especially during the season.

      BTW …. My musical feature for tomorrow’s OITS edition is a Canadian band. Hmmmm … but it will surprise you. 🙂


  6. Frank,

    Psssssst another Alan, spelled like this though… This “Allen” comes to my help many times… very handy!

    An Allen Wrench it’s that special “L” shaped six-sided wrench, coming in various sizes, that fits into a recessed hexagonal socket hole in the end of an allen bolt.

    Also Known As: hex key, hex head wrench


    • Well, shoot, that’s one I shoulda caught, being the gearhead (fan of cars) in residence. Oops! Thanks for covering that for me, Meesh! 🙂


    • Meesh,
      The Allen Wrench is another I thought about working in, but it got away. In the spirit of the post, I may have written something as “You won’t find Al Wrench in any toolbox.” Coincidentally, you should have seen the Allen Wrench recently used on me by my dentist! Thanks for sharing this worthy addition!


      • Frank,

        About the “Allen Wrenches” a friend of mine who considers himself “Tim The Toolman Taylor” always with one gizzmo gadget tool… often scoffed at my limited amount of tools in my teeny weeny tool box.

        One day he was frantic, he needed an Allen Wrench ASAP… Well he “gulped” his pride and contacted me, he noticed that I had two sets.

        Of course it gave me great joy…to place a little bow on my set and a note: “Never underestimate the size or the power”.


  7. Hi Al,

    I think the All-time Al team is much better than you have made it out to be. A bit more research will make clear that you’ve neglected to include many players that are appreciably better than the ones you list. I don’t have my complete list of all-time al’s here but lets start with the pitchers you’ve left off your team:

    1.Albert “Chief” Bender [HOF]/and great clutch pitcher in WS etc.
    2.Allie “Big Chief” Reynolds[AS]/also great clutch pitcher in WS who can start and pitch in relief when needed.
    3.Al Spalding should be pitching not the MGR. He was a HOF pitcher.
    4.Albert “sparky” Lyle[AS]/Great Lefty relief pitcher.
    5.Al Mcbean/lhp
    6.Alan Anderson/ lefty starter
    7.Alan Russell/good relief pitcher for 1930’s Senators.
    8.Al Fitzmorris/rhp
    9.allan sothoron
    10.Al Benton/php
    11.Al Jackson/lhp
    12.Al Marmaux-rhp

    The Infield is also missing some very key players
    1b: Albert Pujols. [AS]/And great candidate for HOF. [also plays 3b & OF]
    2b. Albert “Red” Schoendienst[HOF] also can play 3b, ss & OF & switch hitter
    ss: Alan Trammell[AS] and MVP of 1984 WS.
    DH:Alvin Davis[AS] or 1b or pinch hitter/bats left
    Another inf reserve is Alfred M. “Billy” Martin/2b/3b & clutch player in many WS…
    Alan Ashby-c


    • Al,
      Welcome first-time commenter here. I applaud your research to your team. Although it is interesting, your version broke the parameters that I set for myself … only players who were called “Al”. For instance, Trammel, Pujols, and others may be named a version of Al, but are not known to fans as Al. On the other hand, you have given me an idea of All-Time Als that are not Als. By the way, I did a all-time players with the first name George, but were not called George. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/on-all-time-dont-call-me-georges/ Thanks for sharing your team and hope you return again.


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