On Rapture and Baseball

By now, most of us have heard the news of the upcoming rapture that is to occur at 6:00 pm (EDT) today. As a Cincinnati Reds fan, I can see that this increases the likelihood that the Reds may not win the NL Central title. Fortunately for the Reds, the Cardinals have an afternoon game, but must lose. Unfortunately, the Reds game starts at 4:05 pm, thus unlikely the game would be completed by 6:00 pm.

As a baseball fan, I am disappointed that MLB has yet to issue a public statement around the event. With that in mind, here are some of my questions/concerns.

If a game is in progress, what happens if neither team has enough players to complete the game?

If the pitcher is raptured, thus leave the game without an injury, will the replacement pitcher get unlimited time to warm up?

Will MLB replace the Angels franchise? After all, all of them automatically qualify for rapture.

If all the umpires are gone, to whom does a manage file a protest regarding the outcome of the play in action at the time?

Are ticket holders entitled to refunds?

Will ESPN continue broadcasting Sunday Night Baseball?

Will MLB George Steinbrenner be able to resume ownership of the Yankees?

If the rapture is accompanied by hell freezing over, will MLB reinstate Pete Rose?

So, what questions do you have?

30 thoughts on “On Rapture and Baseball

  1. Good, interesting article. I dont believe anything that guy says about this stupid Rapture thing, its only to promote his radio station and book.

    Hey man, Im trying to help my friend with his blog, can you check out his page: Its a general blog, sorta like yours….

    Here is the link: http://tyrannyoftradition.com/


      • @afrankangle: iight man, sorry I wanted to clear that up, i need to brush up on my blogging vocab haha

        I will be sure to do that…

        By the way, your All-time lists are AWESOME 🙂 🙂 i really enjoyed readings them….Im sure other people will too……..

        Thanks for the idea…

        Hey, if you dont mind, (10 min ago i wrote a preview for the mavs thunder game 3 tonight), would you mind putting a link to that on your blog? That would be pretty cool if you’d do that for me.

        If you want, here is the link: http://sportsstories23.wordpress.com/2011/05/21/nba-western-conference-finals-game-3-preview/

        Of course, I am not forcing you to do this, this is your decision, and if you chose not to, i will still put ur link in my post…


    • I checked out Tyranny Of Tradition – Looks good so far. And I told them I come from AFrankAngle in peace. (Shoot to kill! Shoot to kill!)
      Er… I mean, I said I came from AFrankAngle. Sorry about the rest of that, old fannish songs stick to the brain like peanut butter to the roof of the mouth! 😀


      • Are you the “Keith” of record on the blog? (Just curious, you don’t have to identify yourself if you wish to remain anonymous.) Reason I ask is, if you aren’t him, do you have your own blog? I’d be intrigued to check out your writings as well.
        Unless you’re another baseball fan like some FREAKS who run this site…. I mean …. like some of the interesting types you find on the site! (Whew, barely covered my butt on THAT one!) 😀


        • No, I am not Keith (as in the guy that writes all the posts)…. Thats not me..

          He’s a fellow blogger I just met while searching for blogs, and I saw his Jordan post and I was amazed by his unique writing skills.

          Oh i see why U think I’m Keith, because of my previous comment up there ^^^.

          What I meant was that i was happy that you enjoyed his writings, just like I do.

          Since you ask, I do have a blog. Its nothing but sports, so if you liked the above post, you might like my post..Especially because when summer hits I’ll be doing 80% baseball posts

          Here is the url: http://sportsstories23.wordpress.com/

          I would love some feedback on it…


        • FBnutz,
          John, my advance scout, is not a sports guy … well, he tolerates it … but I a Cincinnati fan (Reds, Bearcats, Bengals) … but I know that calling the Bengals a sport is one thing, and admitting being their fan is another. By the way, you may enjoy the All-Time baseball teams (see Categories > Baseball > All-Time Teams in the sidebar. I have several others near-ready to post.

          Ah ha …. an idea …. do a post plugging my all-time teams. 🙂 Just an idea.


        • Oh no! (Sob!) Another bloody sports fan! (Groan!) Lord save me from all these baseball nuts! The Padre (don’t think you know him), Frank, you…. does it EVER end? (Wail!) 😀
          Um… no offence, but I may have to take a pass. I’m not the biggest sports fan, as Frank will happily attest to. Nothing personal! 🙂


        • John,
          Good reporting … troll around Tyranny … and let me know. You know the drill – Make a comment to see if owner interacts. Do the sense of humor and the knowledge check. Thanks for your work. After you report, I pass along a site you may enjoy.


        • @afrankangle: you’d let me do that? I will be sure to put the link in a post dont worry……Is that what you mean? I will title it All Time list of Roys

          Sorry, I’m a little new to the blogging thing

          @JohnErickson: hey man, don’t worry, i take no offense to that at all.. I’m sorry i didnt know u werent a sports fan..

          But anyway John Thanks for checking out Tyranny’s blog!

          And Frank, I appreciate you letting me put the post up of ur teams, and I love your articles


  2. Frank, you’ve missed the most important sign of any impending end of the world.
    The Cubs would have to win the World Series.
    THEN you can have your Armageddon, Rapture, Ragnarok, or whatever party you want to throw.
    And why is the Cubs winning so important?
    Because several million current and former Chicagoans would drop dead on the spot.
    And isn’t that the way you start the End of Days? 😀


    • John,
      I’m not worried about the Cubs because they aren’t even close to first place in the division. Then again, they are currently in Fenway Park, which could be a sign! Reminder – to get a chance, hang onto Blackjack! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. you reminded me of a post i wrote over at the big orange, frank. it was back in 2006, and it was about the colorado rockies and how the colorado rockies were not allowed to bring any girlie magazines into the locker room at coors field. no cursing is allowed or any music deemed unsuitable. scripture is on the walls of the weight room, and they have weekly fellowship and prayer groups. not sure if that still goes or not. anyway, the story inspired me to write a poem…

    J.C. at the Bat

    The outlook wasn’t brilliant for us Rockies on that day,
    When someone got the bright idea that players ought to pray,
    In fact, we need some fire, and some brimstone, and some fear,
    But don’t you worry, Mr. Coors, we’ll still be selling beer.

    Christian sports are holy and lots and lots of fun,
    With intervention from above, you might leg-press a ton!
    Because we are so pious, next season is a lock,
    Other teams might have their fans, but us, we have a flock!

    We are at a crossroads, games and religion intersect,
    When we approach the bases, we won’t slide, we’ll genuflect,
    We don’t worry about steroids or pornography or booze,
    Cause we’ve taken out the bleachers and replaced them all with pews.

    Before each game, the locker room is buzzing with our prayers,
    We bow in supplication, as we beg the guy upstairs,
    Oh, dear Lord, we ask you, won’t you hear our hopeful calls,
    To guide our cleats with every step, and oh, please bless our balls?

    Yes, right here in this stadium, named for a golden brew,
    We’ll protect the game of baseball from the Muslim and the Jew,
    From Shintos, Buddhists, Catholics, and others not devout,
    We’ve got Heaven on our side, Jesus won’t strike out!

    …and a song…

    Take me out to the ballgame,
    I’ll be dressed in a shroud,
    Buy me some peanuts and Crackerjack,
    Find an agnostic, and give ‘im a smack,
    I’ll be root, root, rootin’ for Jesus,
    And he will make my team win,
    For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,
    When you’re filled with sin!


    • Nonnie,
      Although I didn’t know that tidbit about the Rockies, you continue to amazing me with your brilliance. I’m glad I was able to trigger your memory so you could share with us. 🙂 You have given me a thought for my Monday Morning Entertainment feature, so hopefully I’ll remember when I prepare the post later today. Thanks for sharing!


      • thanks for the kind words, frank, and i’m glad i could inspire you. 🙂 i was glad that you triggered my memory, too, because i had forgotten about that post, and i had lots of fun with it.


    • FishHawk,
      No need to worry until the next end-of-the-world prediction. Hopefully, the next time around, the sports leagues will have a readiness plan. 😉 Thanks for visiting.


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