On Post-Rapture Monday

Given the scheduled big event this weekend, I figure all of us were raptured to the next level (as in Mario Brothers) – thus we waiting to see the next obstacle.

While conversing with both of my pastors Sunday morning, I informed them that this was my final day of worship at the church. Seeing that they were a bit confused, thought I’d milk it a bit more by telling them that it is obvious that I wasn’t taken on Saturday, thus this church has been leading me down the wrong path. As the light bulb finally went off, one quipped, “Good luck at finding a church that was successful and still has members” … and we laughed

In the spirit of all the press time he received, all the memorabilia sold, and all the sad stories that one can muster,  here’s a classic 9-second clip from Jurassic Park for Harold Camping, his prediction, and your Monday Morning Entertainment. Have a good week.

20 thoughts on “On Post-Rapture Monday

  1. I believe in your parlance, Frank, the phrase would be “sa-wing and a miss, strike two!” 😀
    On a sadder note, I just hope this won’t encourage the yahoos trying to marginalise religion, using Camping’s goof as proof that religion is hokum.
    But to end on a light note, I was not only NOT deprived of my wife’s company, but I was left Blackjack as well. AND I found out goats and moose belong to the same union, and Blackjack is our local Union steward. So if Palin does start popping up with moose BS locally, I can sic Blackjack on her! 😉
    Have a good Monday, Frank!


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