Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 100

On Politics
This commentary by Bob Schieffer (CBS News) expresses my feelings about Washington – especially the first part. Simply outstanding!

On the Potpourri
Week 2 of physical therapy on my left shoulder is in the books. So far, so good – but I still have a ways to go. Still wondering if I will be able to golf in the fall.

Now that Anthony Weiner is unemployed, he would be perfect to accompany the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile on a promotion tour.

Our dinner group meets this weekend featuring Thai cuisine. (We’re responsible for dessert.) One thing for sure, when this group, we eat well.

This weekend is also my favorite golf tournament – the US Open. In this tournament I root for the course, thus want the winner to be over par. Being that 22 players ended round 1 below par, I’m not a happy camper.

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins and their fans for winning the Stanley Cup. What is up with the Vancouver rioters? Well, I believe they were ready to destroy and harm no matter the result.

We Cincinnati Bengal fans can proudly proclaim, “We’re #1!” Nothing like being the best worst franchise in all professional sports: 122nd out of 122. Woo hoo!

Hey hey … I won a contest this week! Fellow blogger, Beneath the Tin Foil Hat, takes suggestions every Tuesday on a future column. After being runner-up two weeks ago and no mention last week, BTTFN selected my suggestion of Campaign Songs for Each GOP President Candidate … and then delivered this post.

The first issue of Opinion in the Shorts was in the shadow of the last presidential election (November 25, 2008) – and today is #100. The first volume ended with a Jimmy Kimmel video of the secret handshake between President Bush and President Obama. What a hoot – but it’s no longer available. Yet the milestone is a bit hollow as last week I announced that blogger friend Al pulled the plug on his blog. I say that because OITS was his favorite. Nonetheless, life goes on and I wish him nothing but the best.

Have a good Father’s Day weekend.