Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 100

On Politics
This commentary by Bob Schieffer (CBS News) expresses my feelings about Washington – especially the first part. Simply outstanding!

On the Potpourri
Week 2 of physical therapy on my left shoulder is in the books. So far, so good – but I still have a ways to go. Still wondering if I will be able to golf in the fall.

Now that Anthony Weiner is unemployed, he would be perfect to accompany the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile on a promotion tour.

Our dinner group meets this weekend featuring Thai cuisine. (We’re responsible for dessert.) One thing for sure, when this group, we eat well.

This weekend is also my favorite golf tournament – the US Open. In this tournament I root for the course, thus want the winner to be over par. Being that 22 players ended round 1 below par, I’m not a happy camper.

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins and their fans for winning the Stanley Cup. What is up with the Vancouver rioters? Well, I believe they were ready to destroy and harm no matter the result.

We Cincinnati Bengal fans can proudly proclaim, “We’re #1!” Nothing like being the best worst franchise in all professional sports: 122nd out of 122. Woo hoo!

Hey hey … I won a contest this week! Fellow blogger, Beneath the Tin Foil Hat, takes suggestions every Tuesday on a future column. After being runner-up two weeks ago and no mention last week, BTTFN selected my suggestion of Campaign Songs for Each GOP President Candidate … and then delivered this post.

The first issue of Opinion in the Shorts was in the shadow of the last presidential election (November 25, 2008) – and today is #100. The first volume ended with a Jimmy Kimmel video of the secret handshake between President Bush and President Obama. What a hoot – but it’s no longer available. Yet the milestone is a bit hollow as last week I announced that blogger friend Al pulled the plug on his blog. I say that because OITS was his favorite. Nonetheless, life goes on and I wish him nothing but the best.

Have a good Father’s Day weekend.

13 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 100

  1. You need to consider target shooting instead of golf. It’s just as relaxing, it also challenges accuracy, it takes less time, can be done indoors our out, and unless you’re doing something REALLY weird, you don’t have to chase after the ball!
    Glad to hear you won on “Tin Foil”s blog! I was fortunate enough to win on “TheLifeOfJamie”s blog, using my wit (or half thereof) captioning a photo of Mitt. 😉
    I was both sorry and somewhat shamed to see the reaction of Vancouver’s “fans”. I have found the people of Eastern Canada to be polite, thoughtful, kind, and definitely NOT of the “hooligan” variety. I would hope the folk on the left coast would be just as wonderful, and that these idiots are just that – a small group of morons out to cause trouble, regardless, Finally, congrats on OITS hitting the big one-double-oh! And if it helps, think of it this way – OITS wouldn’t have hit 100 without the support of great friends like Al. So in a way, your century mark is partly a celebration of Al as well. A hearty salute to both of you – you are both men of great intellect and humour, and I count myself lucky to know both Al, and you, my friend. Have a great weekend, and Happy Father’s Day (a bit premature)!


    • John,
      Given the milestone, I’m hoping Al will pop in sometime – but he usually stopped by early in the week.

      Vancouver is a beautiful city – been there twice. Just another example of a few giving a black eye to many. Thanks for the salute and continued support!


  2. Mmmm Thai food. I loved that commentary by Bob Schieffer. Thanks for sharing that. Happy 100th post, OITS. It’s my favorite. Congratulations on winning Tin’s contest too! It was awesome to see what he picked for the runners. I still stand by pan flute over ocean waves, though. 😉

    😆 Best worst team. Hey you hang on to that. It’s something!


    • Spinny,
      If I don’t report on the dinner, remind me b/c as I said – we eat well. Ha ha on the T-Paw song. Whew … he is a dull one! Meanwhile, thanks for the kind words and for visiting!


  3. And now, for something completely different. Sadly enough, nothing of a comedic nature. I know Frank has a number of Ohio readers amongst his loyal fans, and I’d like to ask a favour of y’all. There is a Facebook site I need you to check out: http://www.facebook.com/nitroslaw
    Nitro was a dog who, along with 7 others, was starved to death at a dog training centre in Youngstown, Ohio. Under current Ohio law, this tragedy can only earn a misdemeanor for the guilty parties. Nitro’s Law is a bill to elevate this sort of pre-meditated abuse to a felony. I ask that you go out to this page and “Like” this bill. With any luck, the Ohio state legislature will pass the bill into law. It won’t bring Nitro and the other seven lost canine souls back, but it might just save a few in the future, and will at least punish those who prey upon our trusting friends.
    Thank you all. And thank you, Frank. May you all have a great weekend and Father’s Day.


  4. i hate to be the voice of dissent, but bob schieffer is full of shit (forgive my language). i hadn’t heard this until now, but coincidentally, i put up a post tonight titled junior high journalism. was anthony weiner really the problem, or was it the press that constantly–and i do mean constantly–focused on something that should have been a non-story. it was the inability of the media to stop giggling like junior high school boys who just got their first accidental glance of a boob that was unforgivable. what was it that weiner did that was so, so horrible that he had to resign? he showed his weewee to a few women who were consenting and contributing to some dirty talk on twitter. there’s been a naked pic of ahhhnold around for decades (full frontal), and the rethugs were ready to change the constitution to allow him to run for president! so, allow me to recap. weiner showed his weewee to a few women who were not traumatized or harassed. he had dirty conversations with willing participants. on the other hand, ahhhnold’s weewee pic was meant to be seen by thousands, if not millions of people. he also made a habit of harassing and groping women, some of whom were traumatized.

    if the media were made up of mature adults, they would have told andrew breitbart to take his dirty pictures and shove them. they would not have allowed a piece of shit such as him to dictate who gets to stay in office and who doesn’t. instead, they gave him a platform and they pushed the story. they giggled and turned red and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked about it. then they had the utmost gall to say that anthony weiner had to resign, because he was a distraction. he was only a distraction, because the press couldn’t think of anything else to talk about. a weewee was the most important thing going on in this country.

    did weiner do something stupid? absolutely. however, i’ll bet you that people would probably be surprised at the percentage of people who done similar things. i’d be willing to bet that a lot of those giggling talking heads have done far worse.

    bob schieffer is being disingenuous. if he wants to point at those who were acting like high schoolers (i didn’t give them as much credit. i thought it was more like junior high), then he should be pointing in the direction of those in his own profession.


    • Nonnie,
      First, and foremost, no apologies needed for being the dissent.

      I think the first part of Bob Schieffer’s commentary hits the target when in comes to the overall tone that has been in Congress in recent years. Our nation currently has its share of problems and important issues, and instead of finding a solution, HS behavior has become the norm. I continue to maintain that the 2010 midterm election results were a call to finding solutions over a bully pulpit, thus not a mandate for GOP philosophy – and as we both know, the GOP interpretation is different than mine.

      I emphasized the first part of the commentary because that is what caught my attention – definitely not Anthony Weiner. Personally, I think that this story was overblown – yet, and unfortunately so, the media also falls into the reality-tv mode that the much of the public sadly craves. For whatever reason, they spent way too much time, effort, resources, and money on this story as if nothing else is happening in the country or the world. I wonder what stories got cut.

      Politically, I believe this was an issue for his constituency – and they would be the ones to decide his fate. Sure we saw the negative signs in his district, but the odds are they were the Republicans in his district that never voted for him. Of course, who knows, the odds are good they came from another district.

      But back to the Mr. Weiner, his party threw him under the bus to make him a sacrificial lamb for their own needs. I’m curious to see what happens on the next issue on either side. I hope we’re not entering an era that every straw is the one breaking the camel’s back – especially given the feeding-frenzy mentality that the media can take.

      Many thanks for sharing your thoughts Nonnie as you always think through your thoughts!


  5. Good Post,

    It’s been awhile since I’ve commented, but have visited. I guess in brief, I have decided to change my focus on how I can make it better through conversations and advocacy with people who are interested in fixing the problem more than those who only want to talk about the problem. This is a big reason why I practically ended all political posts on my blog, and published post about other social issues. It silence the critics, because they’re only interested in criticizing more than contributing something constructive.

    The few political posts I have made in other venues are along the same theme of consideration. I’ve learned when I speak more to the problem in asking how we can work to fix it with consideration, the critics tend to not have much to say.

    I’m referring to more than just political critics, but various areas.

    Anyway, I’m still around 🙂

    Keep up the post.


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