On the Closing of a Story

The trials and tribulations of Anthony Weiner seemingly closed last week with his resignation. He screwed up big time and Washington continues to fiddle as the country faces important problems.  In other words, the whole event continues to bother me on several fronts.

Legality & Ethics: As far as we know at this point, he didn’t break the law. Yet, in that light, others in the hallowed chambers have broken laws and survived. Am I missing something here? As I’ve said before, congressional ethics is an oxymoron.

Politics: I continue to believe that since this was not a legal issue, it was one for the constituents to decide. Yet, Republicans called for his resignation and key Democrats followed, thus willing to throw him under the bus. So how with the leaders of each party react the next time? Are we entering a period of intolerance for those caught?

Coverage: With all the important issues on our plate, media coverage of the event seemed a bit over the top. Was it the event, or the combination of the event and his name? Of course, it is the same media that followed around Sarah Palin’s bus tour waiting for something to happen. Did she really deserve that much coverage? Is the media delivering the sensationalism that the public wants?

Culture: The frenzy around Weiner story reminded by of the prevalent reality-show mentality. I continue to wonder the following: Do reality shows mimic society or does society mimic reality shows? Is the media seeking its reality show niche?

On the other hand, the situation provided its share of laughs. From the late-night comedians to the political cartoons, humor has a way of making us laugh while making a point. With that in mind, I end this post with a catchy tune fitting to the situation.