All-Time Rons

Some Rons go by any of the variations of the name. Although we are most familiar with President Ronald Reagan – yet Mrs. Reagan commonly referred to him as Ronnie – while others used Ron. To the contrary, I cannot recall hearing Ronnie or Ronald for Representative Ron Paul – who oddly enough has a name of two first names like a famous Ronald McDonald who actually wasn’t a Ron, Ronnie, or Ronald, but this post is not about Willards or Scotts – it is a post about Rons like Ron Howard, who ironically also has two first names.

The music world gives us Ronnie Milsap, Ronnie Dunn, Ron Wood, and Do Ron Ron, yet another entertainment form made Ron Jeremy a star. King Arthur’s lance was Ron, but the king never faced Re-Open Nominations or had to deal with a Research Octane Number or Resilient Overlay Networks; but he spend more than one night in the same hotel on consecutive days, he was classified as Remaining OverNight. Yet, questions remain. Did he ever cross the Ron River in Switzerland? Did he ever play Rise of Nations? Did he ever file a Report of Nonconformance?

Regardless of the previous questions, there is no doubt that this post is about Rons, but not my cousin Ron – but MLB Rons. Interestingly, this post is actually a collaboration with Journey Towards Epiphany. Kimberly, the heart and soul behind that blog I enjoy reading, is from Chicago. Somehow, she mentioned that she wanted to write a post about a baseball Ron who Chicagoans adore – Ron Santo. Thus, we decided to release these to posts on the same day, so I encourage others to read her post about Ron the Beloved Cub.

The All-Time Rons surprised me. Although none have made it to the hallowed halls of Cooperstown, many Rons journeyed to baseball’s midsummer classic – the All-Star Game (AS). Although the offense lacks a main power source and the starting pitching lacks a dominant stopper, the offense will hold its own – but the pitching is a bit thin. Nonetheless, the All-Time Rons will easily outdistance the All-Time Randys who consistently languish near the basement.

To see the All-Time Randys and other all time teams, see Categories in the right-side sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams or click here.

Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Rons.

1B – Ron Fairly (AS)
2B – Ron Hunt (AS)
SS – Ron Hansen (AS)
3B – Ron Santo (AS)
C – Ron Hassey
OF – Ron Gant (AS)
OF – Ron LeFlore (AS)
OF – Ron Northey
DH – Ron Cey (AS)

SP – Ron Guidry (AS)
SP – Ron Darling (AS)
SP – Ron Reed (AS)
SP – Ron Kline
SP – Ron Robinson
RP – Ron Peronoski
RP – Ron Davis (AS)
RP – Ron Valone
RP – Ron Bryant

Bench: Ron Belliard (AS), Ron Oester, Ron Coomer (AS), Ron Kittle (AS), Ron Karkovice, Ron Jackson

Mgr – Ron Gardenhire

21 thoughts on “All-Time Rons

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  2. Dude! What about Ron Blomberg? Born August 23, 1948, in Atlanta, Georgia, nicknamed Boomer, he’s a former Major League Baseball designated hitter, first baseman, and right fielder. Along with being the first designated hitter in Major League Baseball history, he played for the New York Yankees (1969, 1971–76) and Chicago White Sox (1978), and he was the manager of the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox in the Israel Baseball League (2007). Or are you gonna claim he’s a Ronald, even though he’s listed as Ron in Wiki? 😉
    I had never heard of the “shorthand” or nickname for Arthur’s lance. I’m more familiar with the long, and somewhat difficult, Rhongomyniad, at least from my Arthurian studies.
    A truly stellar roundup of Rons! I’ll have to go check out Kimberly’s blog, see what she says about “our” Ron. Have a good one!


    • John,
      Boomer’s stats weren’t good enough to make the time – which surprised me. On the other hand, shame on me for not mentioning him as the first DH … although I’m anti-DH, it is worth mentioning. On the other hand, I had no clue about the Israeli Baseball League existed! Meanwhile, thanks for sharing and hope you appreciated the Chicago connection with Journey and Journey’s post about Santo.


  3. This was a blast! Thanks for all of your technical help and advice! Your kind words are always such a blessing! You have listed many Rons I’m not familiar with. They make me curious, and I hope to check out some of the links you’ve listed. You are always inspiring me to learning more! Thanks for including the video. It was a perfect touch!
    Your Chicago friend,


  4. you’re more of an expert than i on baseball, frank, so i don’t have much to add about that. however, in your music section, how about a little equal time for women? you might have listed ronnie and the ronettes! 😉


  5. almost forgot, frank. this isn’t a baseball song, but it does have a lot of ron in it! 😉 i wrote it in february 2008 after the rethuglican debate. i won’t post the whole thing, but you can see the full and fully illustrated version here, if you are so inclined.

    it’s to the tune of the crystals’ da do ron ron:

    No matter what you ask,
    Our answers are the same,
    We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!
    No matter what the subject,
    We’ll invoke his name,
    We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!


    • Nonnie,
      Oh my … a classic Nonnie song from my pre-Raisinette days. Love it … and hope others see this. Wow .. the baseball post is turning into a musical frenzy. Meanwhile … it’s Do Ron Ron!


  6. I would think that Guidry will eventually make it into the HOF, and I would vote for Santos and Cey, as well. Perhaps this has more to do with familiarity than anything else. For I remember them all as being outstanding players.


    • FishHawk,
      Lousiana Lightning was one heck of a moundsman. Who makes the HOF is so subjective. I keep thinking that the HOF is for the best, not necessarily the very good or the good. Problems come when comparing stats – especially when some of the good and very good have been enshrined. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  7. I don’t know much about baseball at all (boxing fan as you know). Anyway, for Fathers Day, my gift is almost always 2 tickets to an A’s or Giants game…depending on who is playing when they have 4th of July Fireworks after. Feels very summer-y. 🙂


    • Spinny,

      Oh my … you live in the Bay area. I’m envious. SF is one of my favs, plus I adore wine country … especially Sonoma. A baseball game on a summer holiday followed by fireworks is a good combination. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting.


      • I love the Bay Area. 🙂 I was watching House Hunters, and the couple was from Cincinnati. You guys have some really nice older homes.

        He’ll take my mom because I’m not into baseball. 🙂


        • Spinny,
          Many classic homes here …. then again, most cities have them too. For instance one of the largest neighborhoods with Victorian Homes in Louisville.


        • Spinny,
          OMG … gotta see the home that is near the location of my project. WOW! A must take pic and will send/post. Built sometime late 1800s … large home made from sandstone by a prominent local architect of the time. Impressive!


      • Spinny, you should go just for the people watching. That’s one of the things I really miss from Chicago – sitting on a street corner, watching the hordes of humanity pass. And as strange as this sounds, some of the best people watching is watching guys – who are watching girls. Between my dad and I, we have about 40 years of stories of guys going headfirst into wire trashbins, lampposts, and my all time favourite, genitals first into a fire hydrant. (YEOW!!!) Granted, folk won’t be passing you en masse at a ball game, but you can still scan the crowd with binoculars. DISCREETLY! (I’d hate for you to be hauled off as a peeping tom, whether you are or not.)


  8. i’d put ron cey starting at 3rd because he’s got a world series ring. santo doesn’t. and i’d have to give bloomberg a starting nod because i grew up in the NY area, lifelong yankees fan, my uncle almost played for the yanks, except he got hit by a truck outside the stadium before he ever had a chance to play a game. yes, first ever DH but that’s because he played in new york. other DH’s started on the same day, but they didn’t have an early enough start on the east coast.


    • RMV,
      Your lineup swap involves replacing Santo with Bloomberg. Please compare by their stats and not with your heart. Thanks for sharing your story abut your uncle. Sad that he came so close. Heck, I don’t think I have ever known anyone who made it to The Show .. let alone a relative. Thanks for commenting.


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