Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 101

Regarding the debt ceiling vote, I’m tired of all the jicky-jack stuff. I hope the Democrats call the GOP’s bluff.

The last week’s US Open disappointed me. Nothing against Rory McIllory as we won far and square, but the USGA let me down. Although the USGA could not prevent the softening of the greens due to weather, there was a lot in their control that was very unlike past US Opens. Why the shallow rough? What happened to rewarding players for being in the fairway and punishing those who were not? A double-digit number of golfers finished under par! I am placing the USGA on one year probation for failing to live up to the standards of its own tournament, thus turning the 2011 US Open into a regular tour event.

Who in the right mind would want to read Bristol Palin’s memoirs? Better yet, why is the media covering her book?

Two good reads: Arab Spring and one on Homosexuality and the Bible

Professionally, I have accepted a several month project with a company and have already started. Although these types of situations are easy-come, easy-go for workers like me (meaning I could be cast aside in a matter of days), I will cut back my postings to 3 per week. The worst is this will also cut into my time visiting and commenting at my favorite places. So to all readers and writers, I ask for your patience and I encourage everyone to read the blogs in the sidebar.